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The Band Called Out For More – Gabby Young & Other Animals

The Band Called Out For More – Gabby Young & Other Animals

gabbyyoungReleased: 2012 

From the youngest recruit of the National Youth Choir, to forming the 8-piece magical band we know so well, Gabby Young shows just how unique and outstanding modern day artists can be!

Beautiful, bold, and blissfully fantastical, Gabby Young & Other Animals have just released their highly anticipated album The Band Called Out For More. Written by Gabby and her partner Stephen Ellis, it combines the perfect blend of a hauntingly beautiful carnival and the technicolour mayhem of reality.

Gabby, who’s melodic voice has been compared to the likes of Florence & the Machine and other opera-based and contempary artists, first began singing at the age of 12 and was heading into opera when Jeff Buckley and jazz music edged her into another direction. Forming the 8-piece band in 2008, she went on to have features in newspapers and Sky interviews – gaining high praise and positive reviews throughout the UK.

The new album is marvellously arranged, allowing Gabby’s voice to flow naturally through the ballads. The percussion instruments bring it home splendidly. The album also includes the latest single Walk Away which focuses on Gabby’s own father (who also features in the video!)

The Band Called Out For More: Tracklist Breakdown

01) In Your Head – The opening track showcases an easy listening, fun, colourful song which builds up that magical feeling throughout. Overall verdict: 7/10

02) Goldfish Bowl – The second track is a highly-catchy, pleasant tune that is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for a while! Overall verdict: 8/10

03) Walk Away – Gabby’s voice shines through in another quirky track, though this one is more of a ballad. With such a powerful voice, Walk Away is a track that definitely stands out! Overall verdict: 9/10

04) Male Version of Me – With a mystical, theatrical feel to it, track 4 is a beauty!  Lavish and luscious, Male Version of Me relies on Gabby’s voice, rather than the use of percussion. Although it’s still flawless – it’s more of a background song. Overall verdict: 7/10

05) Open – One of Gabby’s ‘carnival’ tunes, Open will have you swaying and dancing around the room before you know it! Mix in the blue-sy percussions and voila!  You have yourself a grand song. Overall verdict: 9/10

06) Clay Heart – Another ‘swaying’ song, Clay Heart will have you waltzing as well; the lyrics once again showcasing how mature Gabby Young truly is! Overall verdict: 8/10

07)  Neither the Beginning nor the End – One word: Goosebumps. One of my personal favourites, track 7 is, in no other words, simply stunning! The feel of this song is just perfect; Gabby’s gorgeous range alongside the instruments create the perfect remedy. Overall verdict: 9/10

08) Horatio – Prepared to be surprised by this song! Whilst certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, Horatio will appeal to those who love originality. It starts slow and builds up into a carnival-themed beautiful mayhem of a song! Overall verdict: 8/10

09)  Honey – Another stunning showcase of Gabby’s show-stopping power range! With unbelievable strong vocals, Honey is as sweet as the title suggests! Overall verdict: 9/10

10)  Segment – Relaxing, and soothing, Segment is a song to pop your feet up and just let everything fade into the background as you lie still. Another personal favourite of mine, Segment will leave you feeling peaceful and poetic. Overall verdict: 9/10

11)  The Answer’s In The Question – The instruments in this track carry the song alongside Gabby, creating that lovely old-fashioned feel that you truly miss about songs today. Overall verdict: 8/10

12) Curtain Call – Another ballad, though Curtain Call doesn’t necessarily cry sadness and heartache like most ballads do. This track is one of the most extremely heartfelt songs on the album. Overall verdict: 8/10

13)  The Band Called Out For More – The final track is a wonderful finish. With a sweet, old-style based rhythm that’s bound to have you swaying without even realising – it’s a perfect round off to a fabulously unique album! Overall verdict: 8/10

Album Verdict: Whilst personal favourites include Walk Away, Segment, and Honey, the entire album is set to give you goose bumps throughout.

Best way to listen: Sit down, relax, and just enjoy the sounds produced by Gabby and her band.

If someone asked me to describe Gabby Young & Other Animals I would say that there are no words that would do justice to the power and maturity behind each song, and the undeniable spark in every song.

Gabby Young is a true artist.


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