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‘Remember Me’

Finally, The 100 writers have given us an episode that provides a little breathing space for our beloved teens. After last week’s shocking cliff-hanger, last night’s all-new The 100 takes us into dangerous politics and tense alliances as the stakes are taken up another notch.

If you’re still in denial over Finn’s death, sit back and revel in the fact that no teens were harmed during the making of this episode. In fact, the only person who died was a Grounder and there’s no love lost there.
the-100-remember-me-01With the second season living up to its promise of darker episodes and themes, this week continues to bear gifts in the form of angst and pain. We see Clarke, miserable and broken over the death of yet another loved one, determinedly burying her pain and forming the alliance with Commander Lexa and the Grounders. She’s unable to grieve with Raven, whom it seems will not be forgiving her friend for Finn’s humane death for a few episodes at least.

Whilst the alliance initially appears to be going steady, a banquet takes a deadly turn when Lexa’s close guard, Gustus, is poisoned during the toast. Blame is quickly thrown to Raven, who denies it and adamantly claims that she has been set up to take the fall for someone else. We’re forced to sit through another torture, but just when Lexa is moments away from taking Raven’s life, Clarke steps up with an answer and provides the real culprit: Gustus himself.

We then learn that Gustus had hopes to sabotage the alliance in order to protect Lexa, but thanks to Clarke’s quick-thinking (and with a little help from Finn’s ghostly hallucination) Raven is spared and Gustus is killed.
the-100-remember-me-03In an episode that reminds us how similar Grounders and the ‘Sky’ survivors are, it’s unsettling to feel sympathetic towards Lexa and Gustus, who clearly care about one another in a tribe where emotions are considered weakness. We’re reminded that things are far from simple; there is no good and evil anymore.

Back in Mount Weather, Monty, Jasper, Maya and Miller come up with a plan to hammer a wall down to the wires and hack into the radio grid in order to communicate with their friends. But of course, this is The 100, so things don’t go according to plan. Although the group successfully hack in, Monty decides to bravely take on a disguise and walk into the radio control room without backup. It’s far from surprising that he ends up joining Harper in the cages. However, at least he manages to put Jasper’s recording on a loop, which actually gets through to Clarke and the other survivors by the end of the episode.

Speaking of, this brings us to the ‘inside man’ plan. At the start of the episode, Bellamy insists upon sneaking into Mount Weather and being the inside man which Clarke desperately needs. However, still distraught over killing Finn, she shows distress over the idea of losing Bellamy too and the issue is dropped without another word. This only makes the closing scene more painful. After Clarke and Lexa have a few conversations about love and weakness – in which we learn that Lexa also lost a loved one – Clarke begins to disregard her feelings and focus on getting the job done. Realising that her emotions are a limitation, she tells Bellamy to head inside Mount Weather.

Considering every pressure and tough choice that Clarke has been forced into, it’s not surprising that it’s beginning to take a toll on our heroine. I only hope that Bellamy doesn’t have to get hurt for Clarke to realise that love and caring for others is a strength and not a weakness. With Clarke and Lexa spending more time together, I’m worried that Lexa may continue to darken Clarke’s heart. Or, perhaps, Clarke can help Lexa with hers. Either way, hurt Bellamy and I’ll start the war myself.


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