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This review contains spoilers from the start.

In last night’s mid-season shocker, we said a tearful and shocking farewell to one of the 100. It wasn’t just the social media sites screaming. Let’s be honest: we all were.

Let’s take a quick look back at how we got to this tragic point. A few weeks back, Finn began to grow morally grey and brutal whilst searching for his friends and Clarke. This led to a violent massacre of 18 Grounders from an unarmed village. And so begins our tale. I felt that justice did need to be given, however that didn’t make it any less horrifying. The 100 is ultimately a show about war and the casualties it produces; it shows the tragic yet realistic effects of war on youngsters, turning even the most innocent and easy-going kids – like Finn – into cold killers.

At least the poor chap wasn’t tortured in front of his loved ones. That would’ve given us all serious nightmares. Whilst it had crossed my mind, I never thought that The 100 would risk killing off a main character. Part of me feels sad at the loss, but another part admires the bold and brave move that had twitter in a complete storm last night.

Let’s talk about those flashbacks. It was somewhat of a filler story line but also a red herring, as the show cleverly placed both Finn and Raven in the spotlight. I suspect it was to suggest that either one could be killed in the end, drawing out the suspense as long as possible. I was adamant that Raven would dive in front of a bullet for her ex but fortunately – not so fortunate for Finn – she didn’t.

The flashback did also shed some light on the true reasons behind Finn’s arrest. After Raven didn’t pass her mechanics test, Finn arranged a spacewalk but accidently ended up using up oxygen and getting captured. Kinda sweet, kinda stupid. But it did mean that the end of the episode reminded us of the change in Finn’s character and the effect war had on his mental state.
the-100-spacewalker-02I fear for the future of Raven and Clarke’s budding friendship after Finn’s death. Whilst she wanted to help, Clarke recognised that there was no way out this time. She tearfully killed her also-ex instead of standing by and watching a Grounder torture-party. It’s clear that Raven was distraught, and I’m anxious to see how these two can even be in the same room together after Clarke promised the other girl that Finn would make it out alive.

We didn’t get a glimpse of any action happening in Mount Weather this week, however we did see Kane return, surprisingly unharmed and with all limbs intact. He and Abby teamed up to try and find a way to save Finn’s life, as well as keep the Grounder-truce on the table. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Commander Lexa refused any other deal and voila, another teen bites the dust. Finn was never a character I could root for, but his untimely end was a tragedy. Goodbye Finn Collins, and may we meet again in a world without creepy warriors, acid fog and evil temptations.

What did you think of this episode of The 100? Will you miss Finn?