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‘Long Into An Abyss’

If you’re in the mood for light television, you might want switch to a more cheerful series because The 100’s darker, second season is heading towards even more violence, war and death.

Whilst this episode was a little slower than last week’s, there was still a lot to process. We exchange shock twists for shady scientists with twisted logic, as well as opening up a rehabilitation program for Reapers. No, seriously: say no to drugs, kids, else you’ll end up with an urge to eat your friends.
the-100-long-into-an-abyss-02‘Long into an Abyss’ revolved around the growing conflict between the Grounders and the survivors, with the consequences of Finn’s violent attack still being felt. On the one hand, newly grounded Jaha wishes to evacuate to the ominous ‘city of light’ – which we still know zilch about, whereas Abby seems to finally be listening to Clarke and wants to support her daughter in arranging an alliance with the Grounders. The fight for control is tense, but it’s clear that the guards are loyal to Abby, and stand by her decision to take a gamble and offer the Grounders a truce.

Here’s where poor, cannibalistic Reaper-Lincoln comes into play. After desperately searching for something to unite the Grounders and her people, Clarke quickly comes to realise that they do in fact have information worthy of forming an alliance over: rehabilitation for ex-Grounders turned Reapers. Clarke figures out that all Lincoln needs to do is be strapped down and electrocuted, in order for the drug to leave his system. After what appears to be a failure at first, Lincoln returns to his normal self. Cheers all around for Octavia who didn’t lose her beau after all.
the-100-long-into-an-abyss-05So, with a promise that she can restore all Grounders locked away in Mount Weather, Clarke and Commander Lexa – who is rocking some serious leather and kohl eyeliner this week – are about to seal the truce, when Lexa makes a shocking, final addition to the deal. Clarke must deliver Finn to the Grounders. Only after his death will the groups be united against Mount Weather.

Finn murdered 18 people who were not only unarmed, but children too, so you can hardly blame the Grounders for feeling bitter towards him. He has to have some form of punishment but that doesn’t mean this should be the end of his character. The guilt storyline is a realistic and intriguing one that I want the writers explore, and I’m certain Clarke and the group will find another resolution to Lexa’s demand. We hope.

Long Into An AbyssIf you thought President Dante was evil at first, we can throw up our hands and admit to being hoodwinked. In fact, it’s his son and the even crazier scientist, Doctor Singh, who make the terrifying decision to secretly extract bone marrow from the 47 sky kids. It’s not the lack of consent that’s frightening, but rather the fact that these operations will kill all 47 people. Harvesting blood is one thing, but killing teenagers? The 100 just hit a new, all-time horror.

Poor Harper, one of Jasper’s new team of misfits, is the first victim after a snooping session goes wrong. Before being caught, Harper and the others hack into Dante’s laptop and find a few interesting bits of information. One: their friends are alive and have joined the other Ark survivors. Two: there’s hope for a rescue.

I suspect we’ll see Jasper, Monty and the prisoners begin to snoop even more, with the next few episodes promising to bring us closer to an explosive fight for freedom. I only hope that as many make it out as possible.


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