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‘Fog Of War’

Whilst this week’s episode of The 100 simmers down to mild chaos, don’t hide those tissues just yet. The body count may be low this week, but there’s a lot more to be expected in the rest of the season…

Fog of War’ allowed the characters to finally have some long overdue conversations. We see Jasper, Monty and the others at Mount Weather teaming up to buy time for Clarke, while Abby finally learns to accept new ideas from the smart teens. More importantly though, we get to witness the consequences of Finn’s shocking massacre from last week, and it’s not pretty.
the-100-fog-of-war-03I’ve never been Finn’s number one fan, mainly because the writers have never developed his character enough to provide real depth, but it’s incredibly powerful and realistic to see the brutal effect of war on a character that was once as light and innocent as Finn. I was hoping he’d regret the massacre, but aside from a small moment towards the end, he doesn’t seem to have much remorse for his actions. He even snaps at Clarke for looking at him differently. Can you blame her?

This week’s plot teams Abby and Clarke together as a small group head off to cancel out the radio signal from Mount Weather in the hopes of communicating with other Ark survivors. Finally these headstrong leaders are working together to protect their people, showing that they’re much stronger as a team than they are on their own.

Thanks to the acid fog – which is discovered to be a Mount Weather weapon – the group disintegrates, leaving Abby and Raven to make a tough decision. On one hand, they can sever the signal and contact Ark survivors, but they could also use the signal to eavesdrop on Mount Weather and learn their secrets. Thankfully they choose the latter and hopefully this will lead to us seeing what other dreadful surprises Mount Weather is hiding.
the-100-fog-of-war-01Did anyone guess the Grounder plot twist that was coming in this episode? I certainly didn’t. When Kane and Jaha are forced to face-off in a death match, we’re introduced to the Grounder Commander, Lexa, who initially poses as a handicapped girl to see what she’s up against. Thanks to Finn’s massacre last week, Jaha and Kane are given an ultimatum – only one of them can live. Realising that Kane is after peace, Lexa releases Jaha and sends him back to Abby and the others with an abrupt message: “leave or die”. Will the Sky people and the Grounders ever be able to put aside their differences?

In a terrifying turn of events, Octavia comes face to face with a brainwashed Reaper in the form of Lincoln. Initially it looked like they’d have no choice but to kill him, but Bellamy manages to electrocute Lincoln so that they can get him back to camp. The battle to salvage their Grounder friends will most likely be one of next week’s subplots and it’s certainly a worrying twist that could go either way.
the-100-fog-of-war-02Over in Mount Weather, Jasper and Monty are finally on the same page as they struggle to escape their home slash prison. After realising that last week’s ‘accidental breech’ was thanks to the mad scientist duo planning to forcefully harvest the 47 teens, Jasper quickly comes up with a genius plan. He encourages the others to volunteer to give blood, seeing no other way out. For now, Jasper and the group have the upper hand thanks to Maya’s tipoff, so let’s hope Clarke and the others aren’t too far behind with forming a rescue plan.

Food for thought: if Finn’s massacre must be answered for, should anyone else pay up? Or does Finn need to be the one to step forward and show true remorse and forgiveness?


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