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‘Human Trials’ 

In the cleverly titled fifth episode of season two, The 100 takes its violence to a new and brutal level as our characters are pushed to the breaking point. With a shocking ending that caused an online storm, it’s clear that the series has plenty more drama up its sleeve. Warning: Spoilers throughout.

One thought I had after finishing this episode is that I’m beginning to sense an upcoming fight entitled ‘adults vs kids with better leadership skills’. The so-called children seemed to be doing a better job than the adults this week; sure they didn’t have the guns or the medical skills, but Clarke, Bellamy and the others showed excellent maturity given the circumstances.
the-100-human-trials-01Throughout the episode we see the adults and teens clash, as Abby orders Clarke against searching for Finn and Murphy – who left last week to search for the Grounders camp. Clarke unsurprisingly defies her mother after they share a happy reunion. Whilst on the trek, Bellamy and Clarke reconnect and their interactions have certainly been missed; it’s nice to see the pair continue to support one another as leaders and as friends.

Off to Mount Weather and let’s just say new levels of crazy have been breached. Whilst it’s been hinted at that the ‘mountain men’ are self-serving and insane, we’re given further insight into their evil acts in this week’s episode. Lincoln is thankfully still alive, but he’s now being tortured and experimented on. The lead scientist, the President’s son, seems pleased with the progress of ‘creating soldiers’ but I’m determined to stay hopeful for Octavia’s beau. Surely he can be saved…right?

As well as Grounder torture, the mountain men also play a game of ‘sneaky set-up for Jasper’s blood’ when Maya is exposed to ‘accidental’ radiation and requires a bizarre blood transfusion to save her life. Apparently it works because Maya’s injuries fade, but who knows what they had to do to keep Jasper sweet.
the-100-human-trials-02Elsewhere Kane finally reaches the Grounder’s home and, after disbanding his men to return back to camp, he foolishly discards his weapons and prepares for a peaceful, non-violent discussion with the Grounder clan. That’s not how the Grounders work though. Instead Kane gets knocked out and shoved into a prison hole. For those still fuming after Abby was punished in last week’s episode, it was retribution to see Kane get punched a few times. It gets even better though, because also waiting down in the dark is a beaten and battered Jaha. It’s time for the old Chancellor and new Chancellor to get reacquainted.

There was a short moment when I had hoped there would be just one episode without any brutal murders, but this is The 100 and therefore someone must die. Finn of all people carries out this week’s massacre involving unarmed Grounders. When he and Murphy track down a seemingly normal village, Finn loses his cool and begins to open fire at the Grounders after finding his people’s coats and believing that the Grounders are lying about their whereabouts.

Finn has been struggling with his morals for a few episodes now and I have a bad feeling about the consequences he’ll have to pay. He may have been trying to find his people, but Finn may have now damned them into eternal war with the Grounders. Yikes.


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