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The 100 Season 2, Episode 4 Review

The 100 Season 2, Episode 4 Review

‘Many Happy Returns’ 

If you’ve been quietly hoping The 100 will ease up with its newer, darker style, then you’d be better off sticking with another show. This week only proves to be getting worse for our beloved survivors, who continue to face more issues in the tough world they’re faced with.
the-100-many-happy-returns-01We dive into this episode head first with Anya and Clarke’s battle for survival now turning them against each other. I guess it’s easy to fight side-by-side against Mount Weather, but once they are free there’s nothing to stop Anya from taking Clarke hostage in order to offer her as a gift to her Grounder clan.

Despite the feisty duo fighting back and forth throughout the episode, there are a few laugh-out-loud moments, one of my favourites being when Anya solemnly cakes Clarke in mud to avoid trackers. These aren’t just two incredible characters, they’re born leaders, and to see them reluctantly work together was a fun twist. This developing dynamic made the abrupt ending even more heart breaking. Could Anya actually be gone for good?
the-100-many-happy-returns-04On a positive note, if you were hoping for a glance of Jaha, there’s finally some good news. The original Chancellor made it down to Earth in one piece. Sort of. He’s saved and taken in by an outsider family, including a young, disfigured boy who Jaha bonds with, so things seem to finally be shaping up for him. That is until the mother trades him in for a horse. I understood that she was looking out for her family, and that Jaha himself was willing to pay the price for their freedom, but it still felt cruel. Once again we’re left fearing for Jaha’s life; he can’t catch a break.

Another teen falls in this episode and this time it’s one of the two kids who tagged along on Bellamy and Finn’s hero mission. For anyone who’s already forgotten his name – he appeared and disappeared in such a short time – it was Sterling, and he sadly falls to his death after a rescue takes a tragic turn. Scout lesson No.1: always re-check your rope knots.

Debating about whether or not to waste time amidst a Grounder attack, Bellamy quickly decides it’s the right decision to rescue a young woman desperately clinging onto the cliff below, much to Finn’s reluctance to put off their search for Clarke and the others. There was a nice moment with Bellamy and the girl, which shows his growing desire to help people; it’s a long way from season one Bellamy, who was cold and calculated.
Speaking of happy returns, there’s a bittersweet sibling reunion for Octavia and Bellamy. Teasing and hugs aside, their relationship is a favourite of mine for their clear devotion towards each another, and it’s nice to see Bellamy comforting Octavia after learning of Lincoln’s death. (Though we know from last week that he’s still very much alive and most likely locked up in Mount Weather’s body farm prison).

Back to the Sky People camp, and I found it hard to watch a struggling Raven battle with the aftermath of her surgery and non-responsive leg. The introduction of lovable engineer Wick provided some light relief to Raven’s injuries though. It was great to see the two banter and jibe, but underneath there’s a mutual level of respect and care which I hope will be explored further. Raven needs to learn to accept help from others and, with Wick by her side, that might come sooner than we think.


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