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This week we’re back to even more battered and bruised teenagers with another episode of The 100. Whilst manic at times, the episode’s multi-strand narrative works in keeping us hooked till the last second. And on a quick note: check out those snazzy new opening titles. Aren’t they incredible?

We pick up where we left off, with last week’s creep-tastic cliff-hanger. Clarke frees Anya from Mount Weather’s facilities and the two manage to escape. Think that sounded too easy? Well, it was. Struggling to work together, the unlikely duo separate for a while, but are soon reunited…once the dreadful Reapers capture them.
ReapercussionsThe pair manage to make a run for it but Clarke is captured again, this time by a team sent out from Mount Weather to ‘recapture the prisoners’ – which is highly ironic considering Clarke repeatedly being soothed that no one underground is a prisoner. Monty and Jasper also share a few scenes this week, which suggest they’ll soon be joining Clarke in the world of scepticism. They notice Clarke’s disappearance but are told that she’s locked up in a psych ward somewhere. Clarke escapes once more with the help of a ninja-jumping Anya and the pair jump down the world’s largest waterfall, finally free from Mount Weather.

Elsewhere we see Octavia work alongside the Grounders to prove herself a worthy partner in aiding them against the Reapers. It was awful to watch her breakdown over losing Lincoln – who, SPOILER, is actually now in the custody of Mount Weather. I do hope Octavia continues to stick around and fight with the Grounders.

We also see Kane struggle to maintain control with the new set-up on Earth, as he punishes Abby for aiding the boys at the end of last week’s episode. Say what you will against Kane, it’s always fun to watch a morally grey character struggle to be good or regret being bad. His scenes with Abby are always incredible, and as a viewer you can really feel the guilt Kane experiences for punishing her. When he leaves her in charge as Chancellor in a mission to make peace with the Grounders, it’s a welcoming change to Kane’s growth as a character and as a leader.

Meanwhile Bellamy, Murphy and Finn have formed the strangest team-up ever, because at some point they’ve all wanted to kill each other. The boys attempt to rescue the gang by storming the Grounder camp, but when they only finding stolen items, they kidnap a Grounder and force him to draw a map leading to the others. With the Grounder now useless, they face the dilemma of whether to kill him or not. While it was amusing to see the boys banter, the ultimate and abrupt decision to kill didn’t come from Bellamy or Murphy, but from a cold and calculated Finn. It was rather shocking to see his darker side, and I suspect it won’t be the last time we witness it either.

Seeing characters that are three-dimensional is a pleasure to watch. Let’s hope Finn is able to keep hold of his conscience, and his life. Here’s also hoping that Bellamy gives him a few words of advice, seeing as the two boys have almost become parallels of each other: Finn has descended into darkness, whereas Bellamy finally seems to be understanding what it means to be a leader.

Next week’s episode is called ‘Many happy Returns’ but it’s going to be a lot more sinister than the well-wishing title suggests.


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