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The 100 Season 2, Episode 2 Review

The 100 Season 2, Episode 2 Review

‘Inclement Weather’

Just when you’ve become convinced that there’s absolutely nothing else The 100 can throw at you, it turns around and bombards you with explosive action, more violent drama and excellent writing. Warning: this week’s episode delves into not one, but a few darker paths that may leave you sick to the stomach. Packed with a snazzy new title sequence, ‘Inclement Weather’ continues on from last week’s reveal that a baby has been abandoned on the Ark with Jaha.
the-100-season-2-episode-2-03I’m not often glad for weekly breaks, but I definitely felt we needed a brief respite for mental preparation. I spent the entire week fearing for that baby. Those contemplating Jaha’s sanity however were right to question it. After making an impossible leap in a cracked spacesuit towards a missile, Jaha’s plans to fire himself and the baby towards Earth take a sad turn when the ‘baby’ disappears from sight. As it turns out, all Jaha needed was a little motivation in the form of his deceased son, Wells. The conjured spirit encourages a tearful Jaha to return to Earth, and despite oxygen-deprivation creating some will-he-won’t-he tension, he does indeed survive the launch. But can he navigate an unknown desert?

Aside from ghost babies, this week’s highlights include Clarke’s determination to seek the truth from President Dante, leading her towards another shocking discovery. If you’re squeamish like me, I suspect you felt sick after watching Clarke stumble past medical and into a hidden room of caged humans. Yes, apparently the Mount Weather folks are draining the blood of their prisoners, including a familiar face – Anya, the leader of the Grounders. I’m pleased that The 100 is making the most of its darker second season, but let’s file this under ‘things I shouldn’t watch in the dark’ and move on, yes?
the-100-season-2-episode-2-01Two more ladies take charge in this week’s episode: Octavia and Raven, who was desperately in need of surgery to remove a bullet. After waking to find herself healed, but Lincoln nowhere to be seen, Octavia quickly takes another Grounder named Nyko hostage in order to demand an exchange for her beau. It was fantastic to see Octavia once again fight for her loved ones, and it’s a testimony to the writers and producers that they manage to put equal focus on both the male and female characters in the show.

Speaking of the men, we see Bellamy, Finn and a reluctant Murphy team up with Abby to go out and search for the others. I’m completely in support of this plan, no matter the logic behind Kane’s disapproval. It’s true that there are killers out there, but there’s also Clarke, and Jasper, and everyone else worth rescuing from the suspicious Mount Weather.

Back to Raven. It was agonising to watch her battle through a painful operation without anaesthesia to remove the bullet. After everything she’s been through, it was good to see Finn supporting her in a way that makes me hopeful for a platonic relationship between the pair. There’s clearly history there, and with friendship being rather rare in a brutal, kill-or-be-killed dystopian world, it’s worth exploring.

Our cliff-hanger this week cuts short the reunion between Octavia and Lincoln. Attacked by the fearsome reapers, they capture the tortured Lincoln, quickly fleeing and leaving Octavia behind.

Pretty soon, I’ll be able to catch my breath, but it’s 24 hours later and I’m still in shock over caged prisoners, spirit babies and the unsteady feeling that more death is on the horizon. Six days left to prepare, then we’re ready for round three.


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