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The 100 Season 2, Episode 16 Review

The 100 Season 2, Episode 16 Review

‘Blood Must Have Blood – Part 2’

I’ll say it now, it’s going to be absolute hell waiting for season 3 of The 100. The series has come such a long way from skinny-dipping in pools and lame love triangles, and the season 2 finale once again proved the show’s rare ability to constantly surprise, shock and sadden, often all at once.

Part two of the finale revolved around the final showdown between the Mountain Men and those left in Clarke’s minor army. After last week ended in misery, Clarke and the others were sent reeling back to square one after Lexa’s cold abandonment. With Bellamy and the other Ark kids still trapped inside – being forcefully drained of their bone marrow and killed – things seemed to have hit rock bottom. Also, the Mountain Men had captured Raven, Wick, Abby and Kane alongside the others, planning to drain them too.
the-100-blood-must-have-blood-part-2-02Clarke’s journey and development has been a hot topic this season. She’s been the one making the tough, gritty decisions in order to sacrifice whatever is necessary to reunite her people; we’ve seen her mercy-kill her first love, as well as stand by and watch a village filled with families and warriors explode. Clarke started out as a smart and playful artist, but she quickly evolved into a level-headed leader unable to avoid the hard choices she’d rather not make. And the finale brought her journey to a shocking resolution, but also a new beginning.

Our first shocker this week came in the form of Dante’s death. After reuniting with the others inside, Clarke forced Cage into a standoff, threatening his father’s life to win the freedom of her friends and family. I think Cage, in some twisted Mountain Men fashion, did in fact care about his people and he was even willing to sacrifice his own father for them. Scared but true to her word, Clarke shot and killed Dante, leaving a furious Cage behind to seek revenge on Abbey and Clarke’s friends.

At this point, I was convinced that it was all about to blow up in Clarke’s face; Cage was going to storm the prisoner room and just slaughter every character we’ve grown to care for. I really didn’t pause and prepare myself for any other eventuality. I was seriously praying for a miracle, or for Lexa to come back and kick ass with her army. Unfortunately, she didn’t.
the-100-blood-must-have-blood-part-2-01So the Grounders weren’t given a miracle, except for Clarke’s quick thinking to reverse the oxygen air vents and eradicate the entire Mountain and its people. And I mean everyone. With little time to work out another plan, Clarke desperately watched as Cage made his final move to operate on her mother. Making a joint decision to end things once and for all, Clarke and Bellamy pulled the lever to slaughter the Mountain Men. And it really was a slaughter. The only survivors were those who came down from the Ark. Even knowing that Clarke’s decision held no enjoyment, and was made out of sheer fear and necessity, it was still a haunting scene to watch.

After freeing all her people, Clarke, Bellamy and the rest of the group headed back to reunite with Camp Jaha – are we still calling it that? The gang returned looking broken and worn, and no one appeared more crushed than Jasper. The poor kid had lost his love, Maya, and couldn’t even be comforted by his best friend because Monty was instrumental in the extermination idea. I suspect next season will delve into the post-trauma side of things, and Jasper will most likely be high on that list.
the-100-blood-must-have-blood-part-2-05We were also given a reminder of the sadistic revenge side of the story towards the end of the episode, when an escaping Cage ran into an old friend. And when I say friend, I mean bloodthirsty and very angry enemy. Lincoln got one of the best revenge kills of the season, as he plunged the needle into Cage’s neck – after chopping his hand off first. It was a little gruesome but a rewarding scene after all the sorrow.

On the theme of trauma, one of the final scenes that broke my heart was Clarke’s departure. I was sure that she’d be scarred after her decision, but didn’t see her leaving. It was heartbreaking to watch as Bellamy desperately tried to pull Clarke back and encourage her to stay. I’ve always loved their relationship, as partners, leaders and unlikely friends, but this scene was one of their best. It even echoed one of their first major scenes together from season one; Bellamy asked if Clarke needed forgiveness, just as Clarke offered it to Bellamy during his hallucinations last year. It was a nice parallel, showing how Bellamy and Clarke are linked in a significant way.

This time, however, no words or puppy-eye expressions were enough to stop Clarke from leaving the Camp. She declared it wasn’t the right place for her and, after a tearful goodbye, she bid adieu and walked into the unknown. We only have, oh, about seven months to see where the wind takes her. If only time travel were possible.
the-100-blood-must-have-blood-part-2-04Speaking of weird sci-fi shenanigans, the final cliff-hanger felt a lot like watching an episode of Lost. We got a glimpse of the underground bunker that Murphy stumbled into after being left by Jaha. It’s snazzy and modern and has liquor! Apparently we’ve found our storyline for season 3 – hanging out watching creepy home-movies and drinking alcohol with Murphy. It could be worse.

Meanwhile, in the final, final scene, Jaha discovered a classy mansion. At first it seemed empty but he soon happened upon a hologram figure, who thanked him for bringing her a ‘present’, which turned out to be the missile he brought down to Earth. I can’t see anything good coming from that missile, can you?

It’s been one hell of a ride this season, and I’m definitely looking forward to whatever else the show has in store. Now we’re left with only one question…what’s going to fill The 100 shaped hole in our lives?


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