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The 100 Season 2, Episode 15 Review

The 100 Season 2, Episode 15 Review

‘Blood Must Have Blood – Part 1’

The first part of the big season 2 finale kicks off in a bloody, epic battle to rescue the prisoners of Mount Weather. Meanwhile, a shocking game-changer challenges our heroes and be warned, there may be more causalities ahead…
the-100-blood-must-have-blood-01An accurate summary of this episode ought to be:

Lexa: Hey, Clarke. Have you seen my knife?

Clarke: …

Lexa: Surprise. It’s in your back.

*Lexa out*

But let’s start this from the beginning.

We kick off our promising two-part finale with the Grounder army surrounding Mount Weather. Finally recognising the threat as a serious one, President Cage desperately seeks his father’s advice on how to win the war. It’s clear that ex-president Wallace is feeling far from at peace. He looks miserable and broken, and it’s no surprise that he actually aids his evil son as everything he’s seen has changed him for the worse.

Once again, The 100 shows just how brutal war can be on those who are decent people. Even Wallace resorts to playing dirty to save his clan, but only after Cage convinces him that Clarke and the Grounders are ‘savages’ and will slaughter everyone inside. We obviously know they wouldn’t do that, but Wallace believes his son and sadly makes up the plan to break up the army.
the-100-blood-must-have-blood-04This then leads to Lexa backstabbing poor Clarke. The issue of morality is a major theme in this week’s episode and Lexa’s betrayal is arguably a reasonable one, as she has to consider her people above anything else. However, Clarke’s tough decisions to hold the alliance have dragged her morals through the mud this entire series. So basically, Finn was killed to uphold an alliance that was broken before it even began, all thanks to Lexa. Clarke’s face when Lexa tells her army to retreat is one of pure heartbreak. The sky people are truly on their own now.

After finding the aid of some residents who don’t believe in killing the teenagers (shocker!), Bellamy, Jasper and Monty continue to help set their people free. Bellamy is still rushing around like an action hero, but his actions have consequences and there’s an awful punishment for helping hide the teenagers. The two lovely residents and Maya’s dad are just the beginning, and though their deaths will certainly not be the last, it’s a shock to be reminded of just how far people will go to survive. Soldiers are following orders to kill families and friends they’ve known for years. Alliances are being destroyed and people left to die without a second though. The 100 has grown from a slightly dangerous teen survival show, to a full-out war drama. And I love it beyond words.
the-100-blood-must-have-blood-03Raven and Wick are part of the inside team sent to disengage the locks and open the door to the army outside. Whilst they encounter a few problems – which they then manage to fix – the main focus is on the awkward stage of their relationship. After sleeping together, Raven’s habit is to pull away and throw her walls back up and thankfully Wick calls her out on this. The two seem to be heading towards smoother terms, if they make it to season 3 that is. I really hope they do because Raven deserves an epic love and I’m also desperate to see Wick fleshed out some more.

Other characters are given more of a side-story in this episode, but everyone’s lives will be in danger next week. No one is safe. Not your favourites or the even the main characters. Think of everyone the show has lost already: Wells, Charlotte, Finn and Anya are just a few of the casualties. There are likely to be a few more surprises in part two of the finale, so we should probably start preparing for the worst.


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