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‘Bodyguard of Lies’

With explosions going off left, right and centre, this week’s episode of The 100 brings successful team-ups, journeys and even a little romance. Oh, and let’s not forget those brilliantly bad puns (R.I.P Harris and unnamed lady).

So, let’s start by talking about this season’s ‘big picture’ plotline: rescuing the poor kids from Mount Weather. From the start, it’s been clear that everything has been building up towards the rescue – or at least an epic, climatic final attempt at a rescue – and we’re finally stepping closer to the promise of a dangerous battle ahead. With the Grounders ready in their cosy war tents, all Lexa needed to do was await the signal from Camp Jaha. As usual, it wasn’t quite that simple.
the-100-bodyguard-of-lies-2Clarke and Lexa are both incredible leaders, and whilst they’re similar in certain ways, their differences are also very evident in this episode. After discovering that the pair knew about the village missile, Octavia’s knowledge becomes a threat and Lexa sends a Grounder to kill her without Clarke knowing. Clarke catches on pretty quickly though, and she makes it clear that Octavia is under her protection, confronting Lexa head-on and providing one of the best and most intense scenes of the episode.

Lexa has always been a ‘ruthless’ Commander – as Indra puts it – which makes her intimidating, but also a respected leader. No one crosses her without paying for it. She’s a firm believer in revenge and justice and knows just how to get it too. Clarke struggles with this cold strategy, more reliant on emotion and following her heart as well as her gut. Hence why it was brilliant to see the two face-off. Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam Carey have fantastic chemistry and the vulnerability that Clarke forced Lexa to face was such a clever move, pushing Lexa into viewing her leadership methods in a new light.

For Clarke, emotions have always been a strength, whereas Lexa sees them as a weakness and disregards attachment for loyalty. It’s not to anyone’s surprise when the pair share a brief but important kiss, and whilst I’m sure it’ll be the most talked about scene of the night, I felt there was something more exciting in their previous conversation. Clarke challenges everything that Lexa is used to, and she also seems to be the spark that Lexa so desperately needs to open her heart again. A small part of me worries that Lexa has done the opposite for Clarke, by convincing her to ignore her feelings, but we’ll see how things develop in the final two episodes.
the-100-bodyguard-of-liesAnother pair getting closer this week is Wick and Raven, who work together with Bellamy to tackle the acid fog problem. There were a lot of fancy science terms being tossed around and I was just as confused as Bellamy when the smart duo quizzed him on machines and operators. Eventually, the pair figure out a way to neutralise the acid with the PH system and Bellamy is able to halt the attack.

Well, that’s before the radio cuts off and douche-president Cage resets the acid to its poisonous state. With Wick and Raven completely oblivious in hook up-land, Bellamy takes it upon himself to find another way to stop the acid fog before it slaughters the entire army now heading over to Mount Weather. Bellamy goes all Mission Impossible and decides to take out the fog with a bang. Literally. There’s even a backwards-crawling-down-a-tunnel-whilst-firing-a-gun scene. It was awesome. He takes out the acid fog in an epic explosion, and makes it out alive on the other side seemingly unharmed. Bellamy’s development has been wonderful this season and this was just another step in proving his well-earned hero status.

The third and final storyline in this week’s episode goes to Jaha, Murphy and their insane quest for the City of Light. Poor Murphy and the others soon discover that their promised land is a little more difficult to reach than they’d originally planned. Turns out there are minefields amongst the desert land and we’re treated to yet another a gruesome reminder that this show is on past watershed when two of the group are blown up and scattered in pieces. Ugh. Though not before Harris makes an amazing ‘Grounder walks into a bar’ joke. Murphy may be eye-rolling his way through the desert, but it’s nice to get a little dark comic relief every once in a while. Murphy remains his glum, snarky self as they carefully travel over the minefield and eventually clamber up the hill, sweaty and exhausted, to reach a lake and a teeny, tiny wooden rowing boat. I think I’d sooner board the Titanic.

They head off, seeing no other option, and follow a drone which appeared soon after their arrival. Whoever is tracking them is sure to be a significant part of the finale, and most likely the next season too.


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