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In this week’s episode of The 100, Clarke is faced with her toughest choice yet, Murphy meets his match in a warrior-thief, and the teens in Mount Weather take a stand with the help of Bellamy.

I’ll never stop being surprised by this show. One minute it’s a relatively normal drama about kids arriving on Earth after spending years in space, and the next it’s throwing the very same teens into a war-zone and forcing the weight of the world onto their shoulders. Though it’s painful to witness, I admit that it makes for excellent TV.
the-100-rubicon-02In ‘Rubicon’ we’re forced to watch as Clarke is faced with an abrupt warning from Bellamy, who manages to infiltrate Mount Weather and discover new president Wallace’s plans to bomb the Grounder’s village. With all the leaders gathered for a clan meeting, the Mountain Men see it as a perfect opportunity to kill as many people as possible with one missile and rid themselves of the Grounder threat.

If, like me, you assumed that Clarke would find a way around it and evacuate the village, think again. With Lexa’s influence, Clarke abandons the village after realising that if they evacuate, Mount Weather will suspect a spy and Bellamy may be discovered. It’s an awful predicament and Clarke’s decision to allow the bombing is an difficult one. Thankfully, Octavia and Lincoln – who returns towards the end of the episode – are not part of the deceased, but we’re yet to discover whether Kane or Indra made it out alive.

As Clarke battles with her morality, Jasper is doing some battling of his own in Mount Weather. It’s a shame to see his development from the sweetheart geek of the group, to a tired and distraught teenager whose desperation to escape Mount Weather has possibly turned him into a killer. It’s a common theme in The 100; turning innocence into a weapon. And Jasper is the latest gun, fired at the evil scientist, Doctor Tsing, who finally gets her grizzly comeuppance. Despite a valiant attempt to band together and fight off the guards, Jasper and the other kids are given another chance when Raven instructs Bellamy to set off a containment breach, allowing the kids to secure a temporary freedom of sorts. It’ll be a while until they can leave, but for now, Jasper, Monty, Harper and the others are together, armed and ready to fight.
the-100-rubicon-01Onto the lighter scenes of the episode and we have Murphy, Jaha and their group of merry men heading off to find the City of Light – which still doesn’t feel like a real place. The group come across an abandoned cart and its guardian, a fierce warrior named Emori, who quickly catches Murphy’s eye. Their scenes had a lot of potential, especially as Murphy seems to have settled into a snarky anti-hero/reformed villain character arc. I’m not sure when it happened, but I’m rather fond of Murphy. It’s almost easy to forget that he strangled a camper in his bed…

We see a bond form between Murphy and Emori as they discuss morals and their past sins. There’s a sweet scene when Emori reveals her deformed hand and Murphy hardly bats an eyelid before declaring it to be ‘badass’. It’s a shame that she later knocks him out and leaves the group stranded, showing no sign of returning. Hopefully the writers will pick up on the fan response to these two and we can see more of their bubbling chemistry. It’ll be nice for Murphy to have a friend; his previous ones having died, betrayed him or been murdered (by him).

This week’s episode was another fantastic, fast-paced one, and I’m excited to see the climax for all the different narratives that are twisting and turning their way towards the season finale.


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