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‘Coup de Grace’

With only a handful of episodes left to wrap up season two, The 100 continues to hype up the tension in this week’s drama-filled episode. With leadership clashes and deception all around, it’s not a case of if, but when the action will completely explode.

To start with a lighter note, there were only two deaths in this episode. What does it say about The 100 if the minimal death count is the happiest part of the episode? The two characters who bite the dust this week are an unnamed Mountain Man – who plans to sneak up and kill Clarke anyway – and a guard who catches Bellamy escaping from the cages; so really there was no other option but for the poor fella to get silenced.
the-100-season-2-episode-11-4Speaking of Bellamy, the opener of this episode was rather brutal. We’re given a nail-biting insight into the treatment of those being drained of blood, and it’s not pretty. Bellamy is stripped, washed in scolding water, and prodded with scalpels and other instruments of torture. After a while, it was tough to watch, especially as it hits you just how young these teenagers are. Bellamy is then thrown into a cage, where he’s cattle-prodded with an electric weapon.

He’s given a major role in ‘Coup de Grace’, and it looks to be an important role throughout the remainder of the season. As an inside man, Bellamy is able to escape with the help of Maya and an unknown Grounder who he promises to return for later on. After recognising Bellamy, the lovely Maya leads him through the everyday routines and keeps him up-to-date on all the alarms and triggers around Mount Weather. This includes learning the schedule of the guard Bellamy was forced to kill to stay undercover.

Back at Camp Jaha, there’s a problem in leadership when one of the Mountain Men who attacked the group is brought back to be revived and questioned. Abby and Kane immediately throw up some ground rules about questioning. No killing, no torturing and no nasty business. Of course, Indra and the other Grounders are rightly annoyed; one of their warriors was killed during the attack, so why shouldn’t they be entitled to a little pay back? But with Clarke having already earned the respect of the Grounders, Abby is left feeling deflated and out of touch with her daughter. It seems like Abby refuses to acknowledge the trauma and changes that Clarke has undergone. She still wants to protect and mother a child who has been forced to grow up too quickly.
the-100-season-2-episode-11-2Abby’s desire to keep her people honourable is understandable, but she still gets overruled by the end of the episode. When Bellamy is finally able to radio-contact the group, Clarke’s warrior-mode clicks into place. Knowing that her friend is safe and ready for action in Mount Weather, she gathers up the Grounders and marches off to the Grounder camp, and I quote, to “do what needs to be done”.

Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing some more of Lexa, who I’ve grown rather fond of. She’s a character who could easily fit into the messy world of the show, and it’s always great to see more sword-wielding tough females.

Oh, and if you were worried about Monty and co being tortured to death by the evil scientist, they’re freed when President Dante discovers the truth thanks to a frantic Jasper. Unfortunately Dante’s good intentions are demolished when his even crazier son locks up his father and takes command of Mount Weather. Awkward.


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