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‘Survival Of The Fittest’ 

Just when you foolishly think The 100 has no surprises left to throw, one comes hurtling around the corner in the shape of King Kong. Oh, yes. It’s the return of the mutant animal/beast from the pilot.

My emotions were extremely mixed throughout this episode; I was cheering, frowning and repeatedly shouting at the TV. So let’s take this from the beginning. This week’s episode focuses on the tense alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People. We see Kane desperately trying to keep the peace – enlisting Octavia’s help in doing so – as well as witnessing the differences in the styles of fighting between the two groups. Obviously the Grounders prefer the good ol’ ‘smash until they’re dead’ approach, whereas the Ark survivors are a little more ‘think before you kill’ (with the exception of dearly departed Finn of course).
the-100-survival-of-the-fittest-03It was interesting to see the Grounders finally pay attention to guns and other non-tribal weapons, and, on the other end of the spectrum, Kane was clearly impressed by the hand-to-hand combat the Grounders live by. It seems that the two factions are managing to learn from one another, but, as Kane is quick to remind Octavia, the alliance is a temporary one. What will happen after the rescue mission is carried out?

We move on to even edgier matters as Lincoln and Bellamy set out on the dangerous path to infiltrate Mount Weather, but not without encountering a few rough patches. After showing clear signs of discomfort over his Reaper memories, Lincoln sadly derails and succumbs to his drug needs, leaving Bellamy to be taken in for harvesting by the Mountain Men.
the-100-survival-of-the-fittest-01This week’s ‘what the hell?’ storyline came in the form of a mammoth-sized gorilla attack. Lexa and Clarke team up to take down King Kong junior, and their isolation from everyone else gives them a chance to bond. Lexa, still convinced that being a leader requires sacrifice and a cold heart, continues to recognise the strength in Clarke’s compassion, and the two ladies prove to be excellent partners when facing off against the gorilla. An injured Lexa is grateful when Clarke helps rather than abandons her, and this small acknowledgement suggests a nod to the Grounders finally warming up to the Sky People.

Back at camp, Octavia faces a rather brutal Grounder after trying to prove herself to Indra, who still refuses to fully accept Octavia as an ally, friend or equal. After failing to win – and getting beaten to within an inch of her life – Octavia hobbles off to nurse her wounds, but the attempt is witnessed by Indra, who invites Octavia to prove herself further and become her second (that’s an apprentice to us). I’m all for Octavia getting the respect she deserves, but I hope she doesn’t have to compromise her good heart to do so.
the-100-survival-of-the-fittest-02A possible season 3 storyline is hinted at throughout this episode, when Jaha drags a miserable Murphy into his quest to find the ‘City of Light’. There was mention of redemption and second chances but I zoned out and focused on Murphy’s sass instead, which is growing incredibly strong this season. His progression from angry troublemaker to valuable team player is one that’s playing out nicely, so let’s hope the writers continue to develop Murphy’s character as he sets off on Jaha’s mission to find safety once and for all.


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