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The 100 Season 1, Episode 9 Review

The 100 Season 1, Episode 9 Review

‘Unity Day’

Finally taking the lead, Finn attempts a truce between the Grounders and the camp in this week’s all-new episode of The 100, whilst a short-lived victory on the Ark quickly turns deadly as a rebellion breaks out.

Believe me, no one was more surprised than I was to discover Finn Collins existing as a character outside a barely motivated love triangle. However, this week’s episode shone a little light on Finn. He cleverly follows Octavia – who has been getting rather hot and heavy with our Grounder hunk, Lincoln – and persuades the Grounder to set up a meeting between the campers and the Grounders. Finn taking initiative…fancy that.
the-100-unity-day-02Despite his valiant efforts, the truce comes to an abrupt end before it even has the chance to be accepted. Clarke and the equally badass Grounder leader, Anya – with crazy eye makeup straight out of a coal mine – meet in an attempt to construct peace, but a wary Jasper open fires at hiding Grounders, causing a cruel ending to what also seemed like a united front. The two groups part ways without injury, apart from Lincoln who takes an arrow. Let’s hope Octavia’s latest flame doesn’t also die as soon as they’ve locked lips. That poor girl seems to have the kiss of death when it comes to romance.

Up on the Ark, trouble is also brewing in the form of a rebellion. Remember the shady newcomer on the council, Diana? Everyone was right to suspect the stranger, who plants a bomb in the midst of Unity Day – a day of supposed hope and celebration on board. Diana then escapes down to Earth with a handful of loyal crew, as well as Abby, who is forcefully taken because of her medical skills.
The final image we see is Clarke looking on as the ship crashes, in what appears to be a rather fatal explosion. Fire, smoke and all. She looks distraught at assuming her mother’s place on-board, and we’re all left to face another painful cliff-hanger. We do appreciate it. Really.

As war breaks out on Earth, and the Ark is left stranded without safe passage, The 100 continues to be an excellent source of drama and suspense, and I for one anticipate each episode with eagerness. Once again, it’s clear to see why it was renewed for a second season in America. Let’s pray that E4 snatches it up too.


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