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‘Day Trip’

So, we’re back with another action-filled race for survival in an all-new episode of E4’s The 100, asking ourselves just one question. What’s the worst addition to a group of violent, self-serving ex-convicts? Weapons, of course!

Just when team spirit seems to be settling into calm, a discovery of weapons stirs everyone as Bellamy and Clarke return with ammunition prepared to fight against the Grounders. The two headstrong leaders set off to seek out suitable housing for the approaching winter, much to the encouragement of the Ark council, who advise Bellamy and Clarke to stock up on supplies.
The 100 Day TripUnlike other episodes, where the focus has been on flashbacks, this episode stays rooted in the present, yet explores certain characters’ pasts in a way that forces many to confront their mistakes and issues at hand.

The cause of such confrontations is a “hallucinogenic nut”, which drugs the happy campers including Bellamy and Clarke. Whilst Bellamy hallucinates the Chancellor and the 300 Ark citizens who sacrificed their lives, he confronts his desire to be forgiven in a brutal display, finally snapping out of it just in time.

A name is finally revealed for the charming Grounder who saved Octavia’s life. It’s Lincoln, and he and Octavia prove that good communication goes a long way. The two end up sharing a surprising yet sweet kiss after Octavia helps Lincoln escape. Truthfully, the Beauty and the Beast duo are a little obvious in the captured romance TV trope, but the two characters are hard to resist, and I’m fairly certain we all love their story.
The 100 Day Trip
So as Bellamy and Clarke return home to camp – having victoriously overcome their drugged spells – the pair seem to be growing stronger as individuals and as a leadership team. There is a clear understanding and respect between the two that I know many viewers also recognise and enjoy watching.

The only slight negative with this week’s episode lies with the unnecessary love drama between Finn, Clarke and Raven. I still haven’t warmed to Finn, so it’s difficult to believe in the idea that two wonderful female characters – complex, strong-willed and respectful – would want to be involved with him. Perhaps Raven will realise Finn is casting his eyes to Clarke and cast her own clever eyes elsewhere. One can only hope.

I look forward to seeing more action and drama next week as the Ark prepares for arrival, the remaining 100 prepare to make a stand against the Grounders, and to seeing more of fan favourite Jasper.


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