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‘Contents Under Pressure’

The biggest surprise in the latest episode of The 100 is the lack of violent deaths. Compared to previous weeks, it’s fairly mild. That is if you simply overlook the various methods of torture, as well as the bloody battle to save Finn’s life…

After last week’s abrupt ending left Finn’s life hanging in the balance, we open to a new episode as a wild storm is brewing outside. And in more than one sense. Raven finally manages to connect the radio to The Ark, and surprise, surprise: E.T calls home within the first ten minutes!
Contents Under PressureThis led to relief on the Ark – especially for Abby, who learns of Clarke’s survival and is able to speak to her daughter. It also brings sorrow to Wells’ father, chancellor Thelonius, as Clarke breaks the news of his son’s death. A scene later on shows the Ark’s citizens claiming their losses – the 300 who sacrificed their lives last week – were taken in vain, to which Thelonius shares his own grief, and eventually the two, council and public, come to a united front.

Meanwhile, down on Earth, a careful battle to save Finn’s life is placed in Clarke’s hands, quite literally. Turns out Finn was poisoned by our mysterious Grounder – yes, Mr. Tall, dark and uncooperative.

This leads to a violent confrontation in which Bellamy aims to torture the Grounder until he surrenders and tells the group which antidote will heal Finn. I found it intriguing that Clarke stood with Bellamy, though in that moment, you can see how far Clarke is willing to go in order to save and protect those she cares for. In yet another similar way, she and Bellamy are kindred spirits. Both proving to care strongly and fiercely, and put aside their own morals to save their loved ones. Each week I find myself looking forward to their scenes together. This is due to the actors’ chemistry but also the written dynamic between the two similar, yet vastly different, leaders.

Refusing to stand seeing the Grounder tortured after he saved her life, Octavia threatens her own life in order to save Finn’s. Proven correct, the Grounder identifies the correct antidote and Finn is awake by the end of the episode. Cheers all around.
the-100-contents-under-pressure-02In case it’s unclear, I’m still limited in my love for Finn. I’ve grown fond of Clarke, Bellamy and nearly every other character, but I cannot wrap my head around Finn. I enjoyed Clarke’s refusal to turn her back as Bellamy tortured the Grounder. Accepting responsibility for the decisions she chose to be a part of, shows great understanding of what it takes to be a true leader, and also the consequences of being in charge.

And so we’re left with two unsettling problems in the last few moments. One: the confession that not everyone on the Ark will be allowed to travel down to Earth. Only 700 spaces are available in the ships. Compare that to the 2,000+ citizens on-board and Houston, we have a rather large problem. Our second mystery is the Grounder’s spoken, ‘thank you’ to Octavia.

So how on Earth does he speak English? And will the Ark find another way to construct more ships, or will more people be sacrificed in order to maintain the human race?

Let us ponder these mysteries for another week!


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