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The 100 Season 1, Episode 6 Review

The 100 Season 1, Episode 6 Review

‘His Sister’s Keepers’

Taking a break from the present chaos surfacing in the Ark, this week’s episode of The 100 takes us back 17 years to the birth of sibling drama in the form of Bellamy and Octavia’s story. Also, the body count adds a few more to its toll as Bellamy leads a reluctant group to find his sister.

After the emotional wonder that was last week, this episode settles for a quieter pace. Though do not be fooled into a lull of safety – the body count is far from stable, as three more happy campers are murdered before we even reach the end credits. I suspect the producers are questioning their choice of title given the declining figures on Earth.

Who knows? Perhaps next season shall be called, ‘The Few’.
His Sister’s KeeperParallels are drawn in His Sister’s Keeper as we’re given the chance to see Bellamy’s love for Octavia flourish in flashbacks that quickly go from sweet to deadly within minutes. Octavia’s birth is instantly against the law on the Ark, therefore the free-spirited young girl is kept locked up from day 1, much to her adventurous delight.

Any viewer who has a younger sibling understands the conflict between wishing them all the best, and also toying with the idea of throttling them simultaneously. Bellamy is shown to care for his sister even from her first breath, yet we also see the responsibility resting heavily on such young shoulders, and the impact it had on Bellamy’s life and focus. His fatal mistake is what every big brother makes at some point: encouraging behaviour that, whilst fun, is also dangerous and punishable. So when Bellamy takes Octavia out to a masquerade party, we can only anticipate the dangerous turn. Her discovery ‘floats’ their mother, and has Octavia locked up as a prisoner until we first see her in the drop ship.

All these flashbacks run parallel to the rescue search mission for Octavia in the present. Bellamy is determined, as usual, to ensure no further harm comes to his sister, though by doing so, leads three other campers to their deaths.

Meanwhile, Octavia is far from danger thanks to her mysterious Grounder rescuer. He heals Octavia’s leg, but then chains her up underground when she attempts an escape. I’m certain he’s been watching Beauty and the Beast – talk about mixed signals!
the-100-his-sisters-keeper-01Bellamy and the others eventually find Octavia and bring her back to camp with only one, tiny misfortune; Finn is injured in the rescue process by the strange Grounder hero/villain/stabber.

His Sister’s Keeper also shows us the aftermath of Raven’s arrival.

She and Clarke team up to find radio parts and contact the Ark as soon as possible. Complete with tension, the two ladies eventually boil over until Clarke admits that she and Finn slept together. I was hoping they’d be a little more understanding, given the small odds that they’d even survive, so seeing two ladies fight over a man left me rather disappointed. Clarke’s focus on the radio and survival are inspiring and make her a highly likeable character to root for, and whilst Raven’s anger is understandable, I only wish that she’d direct it towards Finn, the actual cause and root of the problem. After all, Finn didn’t tell Clarke about Raven, or vice versa.

Once again, another reason to pass a dry eye-roll in Finn’s direction. Seriously, the guy is asking for trouble.

Looking onto next week, let’s hope that Raven gets the radio working and the Ark don’t sacrifice any more passengers without need to. And here’s to seeing more of Abby, Clarke and Bellamy, and less drab boy drama.


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