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The 100 Season 1, Episode 5 Review

The 100 Season 1, Episode 5 Review

‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming’

There is certainly no surprise in the rapidly ascending body count in this week’s all new episode of sci-fi-drama The 100.

Up on the Ark, the oxygen supply is beginning to disappear, and fast. Whilst Abby is still locked up for her previous crimes – sending Raven down to Earth without permission – the council vote in favour of reducing the population by 300. Appalled by the soon-to-be framed ‘accident’, Abby makes the hard decision to release her late husband, and former chancellor, Jake’s public plea video.
the-100-season-1-episode-5-01I expected an uprising would transpire within seconds. However, what actually happened took a surprising turn. 300 volunteers stepped up and courageously offered their lives in order for those left on the Ark to survive.

Previously, we saw Abby attend to a young girl who was suffering with blindness due to oxygen deprivation, so when her father volunteered as one of the 300, I expect everyone was either fighting back tears, or very close to leaving the room. The 100 has pleasantly surprised me with these moments of emotional depth and tough choices, and I suspect it’s one of the numerous reasons – drama and cast chemistry aside – that the show has been renewed for another season in the States.

Down on Earth, a brief romance between Finn and Clarke – who hooked up at the end of last week’s episode – is abruptly interrupted by the safe arrival of Raven. Thankfully, Clarke doesn’t result in any unnecessary bitchiness towards Raven, and buries away any hurt in an attempt to find the radio that Bellamy selfishly tossed into the river. Bravo.

His crime on the Ark is soon granted truth when Raven reveals the chancellor has recovered from Bellamy’s attack and is alive and well, for now. Clarke appeals to Bellamy’s humanity and the group band together and eventually find the radio, which, although is well and truly soaked, can be salvaged within a day or two. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week for E.T. to phone home. Until then, Raven suggests building fireworks to announce their survival to the Ark residents, and as the 300 on-board pass away, Abby and Thelonius witness a painfully late miracle in the form of, finally, contact with Earth.
the-100-season-1-episode-5-02Whether or not Clarke will suppress her true emotions over Raven’s arrival is a move I hope to see play out. Although I still have issues with Finn only being explored as a love interest. Usually, it’s a female character with this one-dimensional problem, but either way, I need to see more of Finn to really develop a like for his, at the moment, drab and uninteresting character.

Another moment I enjoyed was Clarke’s little talk with Bellamy. I’ve always found these two characters to be excellent leaders individually, but unstoppable together, and I’d definitely like to see them work together for the greater good. Though Pinky and the Brain ought to watch out should Clarke and Bellamy ever team up.

I expect next week we’ll see the fallout of the 300 sacrifices on the Ark, as well as whether or not those on Earth can radio back up to space. I’m still finding The 100 an enjoyable and fun ride, compete with growing characters and emotional turns. Let’s see if it continues.


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