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The 100 Season 1, Episode 13 Review

The 100 Season 1, Episode 13 Review

‘We Are Grounders, Part 2’

We’ve faced fights, struggles and threats of death all season, but The 100 finale really ups the chaos, leaving us with a jaw-dropping cliff-hanger that’ll drive you mad.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was sceptical about signing up for this show. At the beginning, it lacked that special spark, before finally getting into the swing of an action-packed series complete with drama, guns, and insane first aid kit advice.
We Are Grounders Part 2So, having drawn us into its groove, the finale sets off straight away, with those on Earth attempting to flee camp before the dreaded Grounder scouts arrive. Already, I suspect most of us were sitting anxiously and praying for a good head start, but the poor teens are quickly urged back to camp after a surprise attack. Talk about one step forwards, one step back.

It was great seeing the group come together as a team throughout the episode. Bellamy, Clarke, Finn, Raven and Jasper are clearly well-established as main characters by now, and despite my dislike for unnecessary petty drama, I enjoyed witnessing it being disregarded in the face of oncoming war, with Clarke and Raven even sharing a few quips and nice words. Having a bullet lodged in your spine often softens others up to you.

Yes, our favourite engineer lady, Raven, was shot by Murphy – who in a moment of pure retribution gets captured by Grounders – and Finn rushes off to save her with Lincoln’s magical medicine box.
Meanwhile, up on the Ark, danger doesn’t even begin to cover what we witness; everyone preparing to take a rickety descent down to Earth and join their fellow survivors. I’ve been rather neutral about all those on-board apart from Clarke’s mother, Abby, but the huge lead-up had me on edge the entire episode, wondering which stations would make it down to Earth in the messy process of propelling the entire Ark back home.

Surprisingly, at least one of the stations – holding Abby and Kane – makes it down successfully, much to the brave sacrifice of Chancellor Jaha, who opts to stay behind and manually launch the ship. Rest well Jaha, you shall be missed.

The last twenty minutes of the finale are a wonderful crescendo of chaos and suspense. We see Octavia injured and carried off by Lincoln – not before there’s an emotional sibling farewell between her and Bellamy though. We see Jasper managing to ignite the drop ship and set fire to a load of Grounders. We see – or perhaps see – Finn and Bellamy’s final moments on the show, as they’re locked out of the ship in the madness of battle.
I suspect there are already spoilers related to their survival, or confirmed deaths, so I shall leave that up to individuals to check that out, because I’ll be enjoying speculations and theories until the new season begins.

In the final moments, Clarke wakes up in a white medical room, where she sees Monty – who had previously disappeared – and notices a sign that says ‘Mount Weather Quarantine Ward’ outside her door. The question of who put them in quarantine will be rounded up fairly soon in the next season, as well as who survived the Grounder/Reaper battle, and who didn’t.

One thing the finale did really well was focus on war, and how it didn’t glorify these young children – only teenagers – terrified and fighting a battle they didn’t ask for. It was painful to see handfuls being slaughtered and murdered so brutally, as was the powerful tone of Clarke’s “we are not Grounders!” declaration that reminds us not to view these kids as soldiers, but as victims of a war.

A wonderfully executed finale. Bravo.


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