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‘We Are Grounders, Part 1’

Grab your weapons and strap in for the epic two-part season finale of The 100, which concludes next week. There’s teamwork, friendship, and yes…even cannibals!

We kick off with the answer to a question raised by some very worried fans: Did Finn Collins really die last week? And without an on-screen death?! The answer: Of course not. That would be absurd. Turns out our favourite Grounder hero, Lincoln, returns to save our beloved teens once again, sweeping Clarke and Finn away from danger. I’m beginning to lose count of the amount of times he’s stepped in. 2? 15? 100? Seriously, if there were a ‘most helpful Grounder of the year’ award, Lincoln would claim victory.

Amidst dark tunnels, the escapees come across a rather gut-wrenching display of cannibalism in the form of ‘Reapers’, who seem to have stocked up on human livestock as a form of diet. Having now reached an entirely new level of creepy, Clarke and Finn escape back to the other campers with only a few bruises, and no doubt some nightmares.
We Are Grounders Part 1

Speaking of the campers, events take a dangerous turn when Murphy finally declares revenge on Bellamy. He holds Jasper at his mercy until Bellamy offers to switch places. The fact that I wasn’t at all surprised about Bellamy’s newfound hero complex, shows just how far his character has come. A sweet bromance moment is shared between Bellamy and Jasper after the action simmers to a slightly milder form of panic. Considering how different these two characters are – one the alpha male and the other a chemistry nerd – they get on remarkably well.

With Jasper and Bellamy safe, and Murphy fleeing from camp, Clarke and Finn’s return is dampened by the announcement that all-out war is on their doorstep. If you think I’ll mention the unnecessary, and unconvincing, “I love you” from Finn to Clarke, you’re mistaken. Who has time to run from Grounders and confess their love? No one, that’s who. Fortunately Clarke shuts him down with a “you broke my heart” and voila, we’re back to the more pressing Grounders threat.
We Are Grounders Part 1
Clarke and Bellamy struggle with opposing ideas, as Bellamy’s wish to stay and fight conflicts with Clarke’s belief that they should flee and seek safety elsewhere. I understand where both views come in. Fighting seems inevitable, yet Clarke’s level-headedness often proves to be reliable in a group scenario.

Meanwhile, as the Ark folk prepare for their supplies to run out, Chancellor Jaha gets a burst of inspiration and decides that their only hope is to bring the Ark down to the ground using propellers. Sounds wonderfully safe if you’re looking for a speedy death. Abby, Kane, and the others seem dead-set, and a mildly amusing dramatic close-up leaves us all waiting with anticipation…Will they succeed?

With the fate of the Ark hanging in the balance, next week promises an epic conclusion for our Grounder vs Camper battle, as well as the survival of those on-board the Ark. If this week’s quick-paced episode is anything to go by, I’m eagerly awaiting the finale, and also increasingly anxious about the death rate…


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