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The 100 Season 1, Episode 11 Review

The 100 Season 1, Episode 11 Review

‘The Calm’

Leaving us with not one, but multiple cliff-hangers, this week’s episode of The 100 sets us up for what appears to be an exciting and eventful two-part finale.

For all of those holding their breath over the fate of the Ark, you can finally relax. The fate of those on-board was finally revealed in a nail-biting race of survival as Kane battled against oxygen deprivation and sceptics to save as many citizens as possible.

If you’re not rooting for Kane, you’re missing out. Complete with new, amusing companion, Wick, the episode continued to show fan-favourite anti-hero Kane in another wonderfully stubborn light. He managed to round up a group of survivors and make contact with Jaha – who was even more oxygen-deprived – before valiantly volunteering to rescue the remaining survivors.
the-100-the-calm-02The biggest surprise was the return of Clarke’s mother, Abby, who was presumed dead after the foreboding crash last week. I was most delighted to see her character still alive. After all, a resolution between Abby and Clarke is yet to be explored, and it would make a fantastic storyline should those on-board eventually make their way downstairs. Who knows? Perhaps in another 100 years…

Meanwhile, our lovely group of rebellious teens continued to band together against those fearsome Grounders. After an accidental fire destroyed the group’s food supplies, a hunting party – including Finn and Clarke – headed out into the dreaded woods, leaving Raven behind with her pent-up pain and anger. Raven’s determination to focus on building weapons, whilst questioning her morals, was an interesting and independent storyline that has plenty of room for expansion.

If all angst leads to steamy hook-ups, then perhaps I’ll reconsider disliking Finn. It would be good to explore how the others will react to Raven and Bellamy’s abrupt get-together. Perhaps it was sudden and irrelevant, but in terms of moral questioning and Raven attempting to deal with pain, it was an interesting turn of events. It’s not often we have a female character asserting sexual power, especially with a confident character such as Bellamy. The unlikely duo would certainly have a fiery dynamic, that’s for sure!
The CalmIt wasn’t so hot and dreamy for Clarke and Finn, who ended up being captured by the Grounders and forced to save a young Grounder’s life after she was injured during the bombing last week. Despite all her efforts, Clarke was unable to save the stranger, and Finn was taken away to be ‘killed’.

Forgive me for being cold-hearted, but I doubt the guy is dead just yet. After all, Finn has a dry and dull character arc to be continued with – unless the idea is to kill him off and have his death be a device to motivate Clarke into darkness. Clarke already seems to be going down a darker road, as she murdered a Grounder without a hint of hesitation. She rushed out to escape, leaving us with our first cliff-hanger: Clarke gets caught in a trap and ends up dangling at least 10 feet in the air from a rope. Yikes. Captured again!

Our second cliff-hanger was poor Monty disappearing, after presumably seeing something shocking… We can only hope and pray for our lovely murderous teenagers until next Monday. Let the waiting game begin!


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