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‘I Am Become Death’

The Grounders play dirty in this week’s episode of Dystopian hit, The 100, while Clarke, Bellamy and the group must find a way to halt the war that threatens to erupt at any moment.

After last week’s failed peace treaty, it would appear that the Grounders are wasting little time with niceties. It’s goodbye scheming, hello the plague. Or more specifically – as Clarke helpfully dubs it – biological warfare.
the-100-i-am-become-death-02With members of the group dropping like flies and spurting blood at random intervals, Finn steps up again and suggests they make a bomb to hold off the Grounders. Perhaps it’d be interesting to note that he only steps up once Clarke is injured. Subtly, thy name is not Finn Collins. And we’re not the only ones to notice, as Raven also does when Finn carries Clarke into their home-made quarantine unit holding the sick and affected campers.

On a side note, Jasper is surrounded by his fellow campmates – much to his and best friend Monty’s surprise – after opening-fire in a rather ridiculous display of adrenaline last week. I always enjoy moments between friends in shows, and The 100 ought to be praised for their focus on platonic and friendship-based relationships as well as romantic. It creates a smooth balance and leaves us wanting to delve deeper into each relationship shown.

Alongside this, Bellamy and Octavia’s rocky sibling duo continues to be tested. This week, Octavia’s lone wolf Grounder, Lincoln, urges her to flee the camp with him; claiming that the Grounders will attack by morning, and with no mercy. However, by the penultimate moments, Octavia chooses to stand with the others, after temporarily caring for her brother once he comes down with the illness – and she bids Lincoln a sad farewell. Not to worry, I’m fairly certain we’ll see him again!

Back to Finn and the others, and a bomb is carefully constructed by Raven; who by now is dead focused on setting it herself, despite her growing illness, and heads off to the bridge without backup. Fortunately, Bellamy recovers swiftly and rushes out with Finn and Jasper to plant the bomb safely. Well, as safely as any bomb can be planted!
the-100-i-am-become-death-01A frightened Jasper is urged on by Monty, and the bomb is successful activated, destroying the bridge and pushing away the Grounders. At least, for now.

Once they return, Raven and Finn’s dissolving relationship is finally acknowledged by Raven, who sadly admits to noticing that her boyfriend still cares for Clarke. I dislike denial in any character, so when Finn’s pitiful attempt of, “I love you” falls rather flat, I was rather pleased when Raven gathered up her pride and refused to budge. I thank the 21st century for the movement towards complex female characters in television. This moment showed Raven’s inner strength – despite most likely wanting to play denial herself – and self-respect to not have a relationship that does not bode well for her.

However, if this leads to Finn and Clarke becoming an item, my gratitude will decline rather rapidly. I’ve never disliked a pairing before, but those two are like watching paint dry. Though it’s not Clarke that I blame.

With only a few more episodes to go – and hopefully a second season being picked up here in the UK too – The 100 still offers excellent hooks and excitement to keep it fresh.


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