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That’s What This Is – Hawk Eyes

That’s What This Is – Hawk Eyes

that's what this isReleased: 2013

Formed in 2004 with 3 albums and a whole host of EPs to their name, Hawk Eyes have been around the block a lot longer than the sound of their new EP, That’s What This Is, would have you believe.

Hammering out a racket which is a complex mix of stoner metal, post-hardcore, grunge and occasional flashes of experimental prog, the Leeds based band aren’t your usual brand of whisky, but somehow sound reassuringly familiar.

To pinpoint exactly who they sound like is difficult, but if Velvet Revolver, Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Karnivool and Biffy Clyro all joined together as one band, it might sound something like this.

The EP opens with the raucous title track which sets the tone for what this gang of ruffians are all about. Weaving melodic guitar lines with crunching riffs and chugging rhythms, it’s all loud and played very proudly.

Cheap is the EP’s most progressive moment, with some epic guitar build up and a tidal wave of angst, the intricate time signature changes have that gratifyingly jarring quality that heavy metal music seems to thrive on.

That’s What This Is is a neat little EP, and as a stop gap to their next full length album it is a treat. The band are set to begin working on their next album imminently and this release should tide fans over nicely until the real deal is out sometime towards the end of the year or early next year. As such That’s What This Is serves as a great starting place for those new to the Yorkshire boys’ hard-rocking antics, and a great promise of the music that is currently up- their sleeve.


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