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The first film in the Hunger Games series quite literally catapulted Jennifer Lawrence into the public eye, and fans have been patiently waiting for the second instalment ever since. Catching Fire picks up after the dramatic events of the Annual Hunger Games where Katniss and Peeta both reigned supreme, despite the barbaric rules put in place by Donald Sutherland’s President Snow. In Catching Fire, the duo embark on a ‘Victor’s Tour’ as a rebellion begins amid preparation for the 75th Annual Hunger Games.

Coming to cinemas later this year, it looks to be a darker affair this time – with plenty of the love, sorrow, action and fantastic acting that we were spoilt with in the first film.  As Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket says, ‘Chins up. Smiles on!‘ This is one blockbuster you won’t want to miss!

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