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temper temperReleased: 2013

Almost 8 years after discovering Wales’ finest headbangers, Bullet For My Valentine, the quartet have made it to the big time with album number four: Temper Temper.

In truth, they made it big with their previous album 2010’s Fever, which saw them strutting their stuff across some of Europe’s biggest arenas on a lengthy world tour. Now they’re back, and as the opening chords of Breaking Point ring out in a cacophony of post-adolescent angst, it’s clear that it’s business as usual in the Bullet camp.

For those expecting the band to break the mould and go for a ballsy, do-or-die selection of tunes in an attempt to diversify or broaden their fan base, expect disappointment. But in all honesty BFMV do not need to take such risks when music this good is waiting to deafen your ear drums.

Wearing their Metallica and Iron Maiden influences firmly on their sleeves, those who criticise the band for jumping on the emo/post hardcore bandwagon could not be more mistaken. The truth is that this album is much more sophisticated than some of the stereotypes to emerge out of that tired genre. Hence why the band, and indeed this album will have the staying power to outlive some of those ‘fad’ bands.

Some choice cuts from the new record include the explosive title track and aforementioned Breaking Point which both amply prove that frontman Matthew Tuck is now no stranger to writing us hooks so solid you could hang your jacket on it. P.O.W. & Dirty Little Secret both sound like they could have come from their first album and the energy of Leech will have you air-drumming along with such gusto, you could almost be drumming along with them at Wembley.

It’s clear that Bullet For My Valentine have not only survived to make it to the big time, where so many of their contemporaries such as Trivium and Shadows Fall have stalled or fell by the wayside, but have actually developed into a polished, well-oiled riff-churning machine that will in all likelihood see them headlining major festivals soon. Perhaps not the most expected music to emerge from the Welsh valleys this year, Temper Temper will undoubtedly be some of the best.


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