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Tell ’em Lies EP – Three Kings High

Tell ’em Lies EP – Three Kings High

Three Kings HighReleased: 2013

Highly recommended by Craig Charles (of the BBC 6 Music Funk and Soul Show), Three Kings High are a Bristol based indie group who fuse a host of genres to create songs that are catchy and accessible without being predictable.  With vocals that are almost rap like at times, but with a tuneful delivery, laid over funk bass lines and indie-rock guitar, it’s a blend that keeps this 4 song release compelling.

Highlights include ‘Nothin’ New’, which builds male and female harmonies around a repeated ascending bass line. The straight rock rhythm is complimented by full band stabs and a riff that is simple and infectious. Meanwhile, the ‘la la la la la’ refrain in the chorus of ‘Bad News’ makes it at instant singalong tune, one which could really draw a crowd into the show at gigs. Again, a simple bassline – descending this time – forms a basis for a track which has plenty to offer.

From beginning to end, this EP has genuine quality that should appeal to fans of many genres and styles. It never really slows down at any point, and even when it does it’s to decent, funky, toe-tapping effect. Worth checking out!

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