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talking underwaterReleased: 2013

Tennessee has received its fair share of spotlight for producing successful music artists: Kings of Leon, Lady Antebellum, Paramore, Kesha and Miley Cyrus amongst them. Kree Woods is one of the latest talents to emerge from Tennessee soil, and she’s certainly one to watch.

Talking Underwater is Kree’s first full-length release, a follow up from her self-titled EP released in 2011. She’s received plenty of critical acclaim and even found herself in the top ten of the iTunes singer-songwriter chart.

Kree flaunts her talent from the opening track, Talking Underwater, setting a serene, mellow tone. The poppy undertones can also be found in Lonely in Chicago and Cut My Strings, which playfully teeter on the edge of sunny indie-pop with their catchy choruses. Cut My Strings and Happy Day demonstrate her talent to write love songs without the unbearably cheesy bubble-gum choruses and the gooey soppiness.

Fake (Shake it Up), the concluding track, is the most melody-driven song; the foot-tapping rhythm is fun and infectious. The melodious, hook-laden numbers are not as abundant as the haunting ballads, but they sure bring a spark of excitement to the album.

The majority of the tracks are much slower, swaying affairs. It’s clear that Kree can effortlessly create goose bumps with her stunning vocal ability. The spine-tingling Save Her is a completely engulfing experience with the superb vocals and the flawless percussion. Cave In and Blink are similarly crafted to perfection and create quite a day-dreamy atmosphere.

A solid highlight is Just Go, another ghostly number, featuring gripping vocals and gentle guitar melodies to create a gorgeous effect. The goose-pimple inducing chorus is the icing on the cake for this song.

This is a beautiful collection of tracks from the Nashville songstress. Kree wonderfully blurs the boundaries between country and indie-pop, and it would be great to hear more music from her very soon.


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