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LA based Evergreen Studios has revealed a new addition to the Tales of Honor science fiction story world, in the form of a new mobile game titled Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet. The new space-combat strategy game will launch for free in the App Store on April 24, 2014. No official release date as of yet for the Android version on Google Play.


Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet is the next phase in the expansion of the Tales of Honor story world,” says Scott Kroopf, CCO of Evergreen Studios. Within this mobile game, players take on the role of a rookie naval officer, suddenly thrust into command after the unfortunate deaths of many of the senior officers, tasked with the mission of defending the HMS Havoc and staving off enemy attacks.

Players will experience five different modes whilst battling through the game, including: Starship combat and component upgrading. Through these different modes players are able to engage in ship to ship combat with ruthless enemies, embark on side missions to gather more resources that will aid in their quest, and take part in weekly online challenges with the chance of winning rare and legendary loot.


Although the story told within Tales of Honor: A Secret Fleet is unique and acts as a standalone experience, the game has also been designed to complement the recently released Tales of Honor: On Basilisk Station comic book series, taking place in the same time period, with appearances from characters found in the books and comics. Scott Kroopf expands on this design decision as he explains “Our goal is to make it easy for fans of all types to explore the rich universe that David Weber has created.”

The second issue of the Tales of Honor: On Basilisk Station comic will be available shortly after the games release on April 30th, in comic stores and digitally at Comixology.com. For more information on Tales of Honor; The Secret Fleet, the comic book series or the Tales of Honor universe, visit www.tales-of-honor.com

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