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There are so many classic games that need to be remade and top-notch classic making company Team17 (Worms) has decided to revamp an old favourite, Superfrog (1993),for those of us with a taste for platforming the amphibian way.


With 24 levels, across 6 brilliantly crafted and themed worlds, Superfrog HD is sure to get you leaping for joy. Cartoon style and bright colours aside, we follow a young prince who has been changed by a jealous old witch into one of the lesser loved creatures of the world. He happens upon a magic potion that gives him superpowers… and a cape (naturally). The aim of the game is to collect coins and exit each level, but don’t forget – the fate of the entire world is in your little webbed hands!


With all this in mind, players can expect to keep themselves entertained with the enhanced HD graphics and if you complete the game, there’s even an opportunity to unlock the original level designs from the 1993 version!

Superfrog HD is available NOW for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via the App Store for a special offer price of just £1.49.

Hop to it!