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Stepping Behind The Camera: Actors Turned Directors

Stepping Behind The Camera: Actors Turned Directors

Many people have many talents and actors are certainly no different. Some of the best know actors have been on the other side of the camera producing some of the best films you’ll see! The alternative comedy Don Jon is one of those films with Joseph Gordon-Levitt placing himself in the director’s seat.

To celebrate the release of Don Jon on Blu-ray and DVD from 24th March we take a look at those actors who turned to directing.

Clint Eastwood

Clint is undoubtedly a Hollywood legend giving us the iconic characters of the Wild West and Harry Callahan, a cop unafraid of taking the law into his own hands. Eastwood first plunged into the world of directing in 1971 with psychological thriller, Play Misty For Me and has since gone on to sit in the director’s chair over thirty times. It turns out he’s pretty good behind the camera with films such as Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby which bagged him an Oscar for Best Director.


Ron Howard

Howard is perhaps best known nowadays as a director with films such as Rush, Frost/Nixon and A Beautiful Mind but the 60 year old was actually a child television star. Back in the 1950s and 60s Howard played small bit parts on American television shows such as The Twilight Zone and Dennis The Menace before becoming a regular on sitcom, The Andy Griffiths Show. The Oklahoma born actor made the move to the big screen in American Graffiti before taking on his first directing project in Grand Theft Auto followed by Nightshift and Splash!


Ben Affleck

The new Batman has had some great roles over the past twenty years, ranging from a war hero in Pearl Harbour to a congressman in State of Play but over the past several years the Armageddon star has shown his prowess as a director. The Boston based mystery, Gone Baby Gone, marked an extremely promising directorial debut for Affleck as did his second film, The Town. Nevertheless, Affleck really received critical acclaim winning both a Golden Globe and BAFTA as director of 2013 Best Picture Oscar winner, Argo.


George Clooney

It’s the 1980s, George Clooney was making audiences swoon as he was beamed into their living rooms on shows such as ER and today he may be seen on the cinema screen more but the swooning hasn’t stopped. The Gravity star turned his hand to directing with the 2001 biography, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind but people really sat up and took notice with Good Night and Good Luck, a film that earned him an Oscar nomination.


Ben Stiller

Meet the Parents, There’s Something About Mary and The Royal Tenenbaums, there’s no doubting Stiller is a pro when it comes to playing comedy characters but what about directing them? The funny man’s first film in the director’s seat was The Cable Guy and from there he gave us ‘blue steel’ in Zoolander and then took us to a crazy movie set in Tropic Thunder. Stiller continued to show his ability to juggle both acting and directing with the adventurous Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

DF-11070-Edit - Ben Stiller in THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Gordon-Levitt was a child star on American sitcom 3rd Rock From the Sun back in the 90s, but is now known for his roles in films such as 500 Days of Summer, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception and Looper. He’s certainly a multi-talented man and that was really highlighted in the alternative romantic comedy, Don Jon. The film not only represents Joseph’s first feature length film as a director but he also wrote, produced and starred as the lead.

Don Jon's Addiction-1945.cr2

Don Jon is available to own on Blu-ray™ and DVD from March 24 as well as Digital Download from March 10, preorder your copy now:

For further information on Don Jon go to or join in the conversation @DonJonUK

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