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Tom Hardy in a car for 85 minutes. That’s the idea behind Locke, the latest offering from British writer and director Stephen Knight. It’s a risky idea but the latest trailer that’s just dropped shows that it might just pay off.

The first thing that comes to mind is the comparison to 2010’s Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds. Both films rely on the close up performance of one actor in a claustrophobic location but beyond that both films seem to be offering an exploration of humans acting in desperation. Basically what happens when we’re trapped either figuratively or literally.

The trailer doesn’t give much away in terms of plot except that Hardy’s Ivan Locke is on the edge and everything is spiralling out of control. Like Buried, it features other performances via phone calls but it’s going to be Hardy that inevitably drives the film and his impressive CV suggests he can easily do that.

Locke is released in the UK on 18th April

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