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urine-town-stillRecast – musicals redone.

Last Sunday, for one night only, some of the finest West End musical theatre stars performed songs that they always wanted to sing but will never get to opportunity to. The Duke of York Theatre in London hosted the night where actors had no rules for the songs they could sing. The men could be women, woman could be men, the old could become young, the skinny became fat… it was a night of limitless musical entertainment.

The Director, Adam Lenson, has taken inspiration from New York, where recast shows are a semi-regular fixture on Broadway. Lenson wanted to create a night of pure entertainment, stating “…I also hope that it makes people see musical theatre and its casting possibilities from a different angle.”

“I’m gonna live forever.”

Fame Forever, a sequel to the hit musical Fame, is due to have its world premiere in the UK this year, before starting its tour in 2015.

Composed by Steve Margoshes, who wrote the music for the original, and conceived by David de Silva (who produced the original film), Fame Forever will be set 20 years after the original stage production and will show what happened to the much-loved characters.

De Silva said “After seven amateur productions of Fame Forever in the UK and the US, I have learned that we have a very special and emotional story to tell about how time flies in life.” The premiere of Fame Forever will be at the Lyric Theatre on September 8th.


After a run that was flushed with success (sorry!), Urinetown has now transferred from St James Theatre to the Apollo.

Set in a city of the future that’s been infected with an awful drought, it centres on business tycoon Caldwell B. Cladwell who’s made his money through bribery and the monopolisation of all public toilets. He makes peeing a privilege and as he controls a brutal police force, you can’t be caught short. If you are, you’re sent to a place where no one has ever returned, otherwise known as Urinetown. Revolution is in the air and every revolution needs a hero.

It’s a totally mad musical that’s an unexpected joy. For show times, venue information and tickets go here.

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