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Springtime Carnivore’s Debut Album Review

Springtime Carnivore’s Debut Album Review

springtime-carnivore-album-coverReleased: November 2014

The debut album from Springtime Carnivore has a lot to live up. Taking on board the production wizardry of Richard Swift, the man responsible for some of the Black Keys’ work, head honcho singer/songwriter Greta Morgan set the bar pretty high indeed.

Ambition is no bad thing, and there is some promise on Springtime Carnivore’s debut, but it’s clear this stone is yet to be polished.

A chilled, plodding vibe runs throughout, with sparse percussion sounds and smooth electric piano that complement Morgan’s vocals well. It’s clear that this is a collection of songs meant to be listened to leaning back without the troubles of the world on your shoulders, while Morgan unravels her own laments.

And while this is evident on the likes of Foxtrot Freak and Other Side of the Boundary, the killer spark that will establish Springtime Carnivore as meat-eaters for the big time seems to be missing.

There is of course still time to see how the band develop, but one can’t help but think the band are a springboard stop-gap for a solo record deal for Morgan in the future. Whether that proves to be a good thing or not in the future remains to be seen, but following this career from afar may not be a bad idea at all.


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