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Spotlight On We Were Frontiers

Spotlight On We Were Frontiers

wwfFollowing the success of their 2012 double A-side single, Were Were Frontiers made a triumphant return with their debut EP Giveth Taketh Away. As the winners of the Futuresound competition, the Leeds band were invited to play the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds festival, something that would see them gain a loyal fan base and subsequently go on to play a number of sold out shows. As they continue their musical exploration, we caught up with WWF band member Matthew to talk all things music. 

What was the inspiration behind your EP, Giveth Taketh Away

Matthew: There were some difficult times being had when the bulk of the lyrics were written so they deal with some the darker sides of being human. There’s a bit of death, anxiety, personal loss and religion in there, but hopefully the content isn’t to obvious that people can still take their own meaning from the tracks. The overall resounding message I guess is life is ace but sometimes it’s just not… hence the giveth/taketh.

What was the recording process like? 

Matthew: We recorded, produced and mixed it all ourselves so it was a challenge but this meant the only limits were our own imaginations. We could just experiment and try whatever we liked. This also meant we could throw in instruments that we wouldn’t normally be able to use live like piano, organ, layered trumpets, percussion, I think there was even some kind of Chinese flute in there at some point. We never would have been able to afford to have this level of experimentation in a professional studio so it was great to have the time and be able to have fun with it. We recorded wherever we could, front rooms, halls, and even bathrooms.

What can listeners expect from the EP?

Matthew: I think listeners can expect something very accessible and upbeat, but if they persevere, hopefully they’ll see there’s a little more depth below the surface.

Describe your in one sentence…

Matthew: Frantic, punk-folk.

Who are your musical influences?

Matthew: We all bring a different set of influences to the mix. Everything from 60s pop to Ennio Morricone soundtracks, 80s cock rock to twee finger-picking folk.

What do you think is the best album ever written?

Matthew: I couldn’t give you an honest answer as it changes every day depending on where I am and what mood I’m in… At this very moment in time? Well, I’m sat listening to Neil Young’s Harvest on my beat up 60s bush record player, so right now that is.

What’s been your best gig so far?

Matthew: Reading festival was just ace.

If you could duet with anyone, who would it be?

Matthew: Bowie

What TV show would you like to hear your music featured on?

Matthew: If they were to re-score the old Lone Ranger shows then I’d like us to soundtrack them.

Where in the world do you most want to perform?

Matthew: Glasto main stage. Has to be.

What’s your fondest musical memory?

Matthew: I remember when I was like 17 and I heard Joni Mitchell’s Blue for the first time… My whole outlook on music changed after that. I guess me and Stu (singer and brother in the band) getting guitars for Christmas when I was 13 and he was 16, I guess that’s where everything started…..

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