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Spotlight On Vicky Nolan

Spotlight On Vicky Nolan

vicky nolanSinger-songwriter Vicky Nolan is not just a pretty face. Inspired by big voices, life’s lessons and the trials & tribulations of love, she’s a soulful, power-pop singer and writer who’s no stranger to the world of entertainment. Vicky has always been immersed in music. By the tender age of fifteen she had performed in London’s West End and appeared on national TV and radio stations. She’s recently spent time in Los Angeles writing, performing and recording and is currently working on new material. Be sure to remember her name – there’s no doubt that you’ll be hearing it more and more in the future!

Q: Does your music slot into one particular genre or does it stretch across multiple genres? How would you personally describe it?

Vicky: Since I was young I’ve been inspired by so many genres and styles of music, so I suppose there are lots of influences that you can maybe pick out from hearing my stuff. I studied classical music for a long time but I’ve always been drawn to pop music. My voice is soulful but my songs have a very strong pop sensibility I’d say.

Q: You say you’re inspired by the likes of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin…why those particular icons?

Vicky: They’re all just amazing performers with the most powerful voices. I’ve always looked up to singers with big voices and those 3 just stand out to me. There’s so many more of course, I suppose it’s hard to explain why certain voices/songs touch a person; but for some reason they do.

Q: You’ve performed in London’s West End, could we see you on stage in another musical in the future?

Vicky: I would love to very much. I was only a teenager when I did a couple of shows but I decided shortly after that I’d have to commit to either the stage or to writing and singing my own songs and I chose the latter. It was an easy choice but I really, really love the theatre and hope to get the opportunity to do it again properly.

Q: You worked with Fleetwood Mac producer Ken Caillat in LA, how did you become acquainted with him?

Vicky: I watched a Fleetwood Mac documentry on the BBC and Ken featured a lot in the programme. I reached out to him in email after hunting him down on Google and to my surprise he emailed back to say he was a fan. It was very cool. And of course the feeling was mutual, Rumours is such a timeless record.

Q: You say you’re a ‘lone ranger’ – do you like it that way or would you ever consider being part of a band?

Vicky: I’m someone who enjoys my own company so I suppose that works out seeing as though I’m a solo artist! But I do love collaborating with writers and musicians in the studio and on stage… So yeah, I’m up for starting a band, who’s in?

Q: We are! You have some great covers on youtube, how has the video platform helped you as an artist?

Vicky: I’m still a bit of novice when it comes to Youtube. I just put up a few videos for fun, there’s so many great songs that I love to sing and wish were my own ha. It’s a way to connect with an audience who are already familiar with the songs but not necessarily you. I want to post so many more videos on there, it’s great.

Q: Who would you love to perform with?

Vicky: The list is endless. But off the top of my head, Gavin DeGraw, Ed Sheeran oh, and Al Green… He’s a legend!

Q: Finally, the main thing we want to know is…can we expect a full length album any time soon?

Vicky: I’m planning on releasing an EP of sorts early in the new year. It’s been a long time coming and I’m so excited to share it finally!

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