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Spotlight On The Repeat Prescriptions

Spotlight On The Repeat Prescriptions

the repeat prescriptionsThe Repeat Prescriptions are a filthy low down rock and roll band from Brighton, Sussex. It’s probably safe to say that they fit the Brighton mould with their own particular brand of crazy. Armed with a bunch of covers you won’t have heard before and a highly convoluted and bizarre back story involving being cryogenically frozen in time to avoid being drafted to fight in Vietnam… yes you read correctly… they have clocked up an impressive run of concerts up and down the country. If you’re a regular on the Brighton music scene check them out, if you’re not –  check them out anyway. Simon from the band tells us the story behind the name, what a typical gig is like and what the Brighton music scene has to offer that other cities don’t.

Q. The Repeat Prescriptions – who does the band consist of and how was it formed?

Simon: We are five grizzly individuals from Brighton who share a highly unhealthy obsession with 1960’s Psychedelic Garage Rock and decided to pay hommage to those musicians by playing their songs 40 years later to a new fresh faced audience. We have a back story that we are actually from the sixties and have been frozen in time to avoid going to ‘Nam. Our Pseudonyms are :

Smuj E. Koknokka : Vox and Blues mouth Harp
Ju-Ju Sharp : The Fender Stratocaster (with a bigheadstock)
Marmaduke Marshall : The (four string) Bass Guitar
Brian ‘O’Bryan’ Brian : Keys/ Some Guitar/ Percusssssion/Vocals
Sandy ‘Sticks’ Hoxton : The Drums (and cymbals)/Vocals

at times featuring : ‘The Slim Majority’ on Slide Guitar

Q. Is there a story behind the name?

Simon: We basically play cover versions of very obscure 60’s songs and we wear labcoats on stage… hence the name.

Q. Who do you think the listening audience is for your music?

Simon: We’ve played to people who are aged 1 to 80… we do some pretty bizarre gigs so all sorts… kids start freaking out when they hear us…!

Q. Is there a particular atmosphere that accompanies your gigs? Describe a typical gig…

Simon: Drunk and noisy with pretty psychedelic light shows.

Q. What does the Brighton music scene have to offer that other cities don’t?

Simon: Great reharsal rooms, great music shops… and shed load of musicians in a very small concentrated area… Brighton is like Laurel Canyon in the Sixties – a bubbling hot bed of talent and energy.

Q. What’s been your favourite gig to date?

Simon: With the Repeats…. Supporting Weatherall at the Ballroom, Hay on Wye book Festival (where we must have looked like aliens!!) and Deadmen’s Smokehouse at Green door Store August Bank Holiday Sunday!

Q. Are there any particular venues you’d love to perform at in the future?

Simon: We’d like to play the Concorde and The Dome in Brighton but are looking at some gigs abroad next year… We have connections in Barcelona, Berlin & New York!

Q. You’re also involved with another music project, tell us about that…

Simon: I have several projects, Rockerswitch is my main baby! A Cool Rocket Soul Project…album nearly finished! Also a band called Lost Dog… very dark slow Baroque Country… I also produce bands and have an album pending ‘The Seagull Has Landed’.

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