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They’ve just released their new album, Tonight Changes Everything, that’s positively filled to the brim with high energy, big guitars and memorable hooks. They’re creating a buzz with their music being featured on popular television shows including Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries. They’re endorsed by Gibson, with instructional videos up on the site.

Ladies and gents, we introduce to you up and coming Nashville rock band, The Kicks. Bass player and backing vocalist Gabe talks about the band and their new single Hawk Eyes.

Q. Tell us a little about The Kicks – who are you and how did you form?

Gabe: Well… we are a rock and roll band from Nashville, Tennessee. We formed in late 2007 when we were all in college here in Nashville. We’ve made a few records, played more than a few shows and enjoy getting to where it is we are going.

Q. You released your new album at the end of September, titled Tonight Changes Everything…how has this album progressed from your older music?

Gabe: Tonight Changes Everything is definitely a progression for us as a band. Not straying away from things that have worked for us in the past but I think that it has evolved quite a bit. We are older, been through a lot, been out on the road a lot and I think it has affected the way we work, write and our philosophy behind making this record. This is an album that is very important to us.

Q. Pretty much every track on the album is characterised by an upbeat, straight up rock n rock sound, what do you want listeners to feel or think when they hear your music?

Gabe: The goal for us as a band is to just create an experience that people can connect with. Whether it be listening to the songs or seeing us live, the connection is what is most important. On the surface we make loud, up tempo rock and roll music rooted in everything we learned growing up listening to – The Beatles and The Who and Zeppelin. Underneath that surface is music that is very close to us and to our hearts. We strive to make music that we are passionate about. Not music that we think will sell. (If it does happen to sell thats great, dont get me wrong.) We are fans first. We have a certain reverence for the magic and excitement and explosive power that rock and roll music has and always will have. We are just four guys trying to do it justice. That being said…. I know how the music makes us feel. Our hope is that other people hear it, interpret it, absorb it and enjoy it!!

Q. What’s the inspiration behind the single ‘Hawk Eyes’?

Gabe: Hawk Eyes wrote itself in 15 minutes. I am sure it was a collection of feelings and experiences that we had and they came pouring out one night in my bedroom. Its fun. It’s easy. You cant always over think music. I am a huge fan of The Kinks so I remember playing around with all kinds of barre chords on the guitar. And it just kinda came out.

Q. The music video for it is simple yet dynamic and is very much all about focusing on the music, was this what you intended?

Gabe: Yes absolutely. Nothing against videos with actresses and dudes having arguments and one storms out of the house while the other smashes vases etc. We just didnt think Hawk Eyes needed the drama!! We HAVE hired the Coen brothers to do our next though. That’ll be something else.

Q. Finally, what has the band got planned for the near future?

Gabe: Shows, shows, and more shows. We will be playing lots of shows. We like staying busy on the road as much as we can. There is a whole lot going on right now which is great, so stay tuned!


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