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Spotlight on SVRCINA

Spotlight on SVRCINA

With a vocal and emotional range that sees her rival some of pop music’s best, Nashville-based 19 year-old SVRCINA (sur-cee-na) looks set for great things. Her debut EP is set to be released early next year, whilst the first single from the record, Lover.Fighter. is available now. The single is a powerful, assured slice of anthemic electronic pop, and, as we found out when we chatted with its writer, one that is inspired by themes close to home.

There are a lot of different sounds and styles thrown into your single, Lover.Fighter. Were you trying to channel or emulate any particular artists on there?

Lover. Fighter. is definitely a culmination of different sounds and influences, but I don’t believe my producer and I were shooting for a specific artist. Rather, we really combined our backgrounds. I had previously done some work collaborating with electronic dance artists, and I’m a huge fan of the EDM movement. My producer Michael Whittaker’s background is in film scoring, so when we joined together, we added this epic, dramatic soundtrack feel to electronic pop. Therefore we melded our backgrounds and general influences to create what we’re calling Cine-Pop, or Cinematic Pop.

It’s a dramatic track and features an impassioned vocal performance from yourself. What’s the story behind the song?

The inspiration for Lover. Fighter. came from two major places: The love and sacrifice of my parents and my brother. I’m currently living in Nashville, TN, but am originally from Detroit, Michigan. When I was 13 I signed a publishing deal with a Nashville publisher and when I turned 14 we were presented with the opportunity to move. My dad had, and has, an incredible job in the Detroit area, but rather than turning the opportunity down, he agreed to stay back in Michigan and work, while my mom and I moved to Nashville, so I could pursue what I felt I was meant to do with my life. My parents are still married, but for the last 5 years, my dad has been commuting from Detroit to Nashville, as I’ve been pursuing this journey. To me, they’re Exhibit A of what it means to be a Lover. Fighter. and have literally sacrificed being together, for me. The song was inspired by them and is a constant reminder every time I sing it, of what they’ve done for me.

My brother, one of my greatest inspirations, is currently serving in the United States Navy. He’s four and a half years older than me, and as I have watched his life and his choice to serve his country and serve others, his sacrifice is also a sobering reminder to me that the freedom I have to do what I love, came with a price, and is made possible by the many men and women that choose to serve others.

Does all of your music follow a similar theme to Lover.Fighter.?

I can’t even lie: yes! The EP I’ve been working on is very cohesive sonically and even lyrically. The message is consistent throughout the EP, but Lover. Fighter. has truly been the best introduction to the rest of the project.

It’s rumoured that you¹re a pretty prolific songwriter, and at just 19 have written over 400 songs to date. How do you know which are the ones you want to put out there?

Oh man. With over 400 songs in the catalogue there are definitely some that I hope are heard and others that should never escape the computer database. If there’s a song I feel extremely passionate about, I take it to my producer, team, and even family to get feedback and counsel. There’s a time and place for everything, and they’ve been gracious to walk me through the song selection process.

You have collaborated with EDM artists such as Fred Williams and Klauss & Turino. Do you aim for a dance-orientated style yourself or are you heading more down the pop route?

While I love collaborating with dance artists, and hope to continue, my material as an artist is certainly headed more for the pop avenue. I’ve had the opportunity to co-write all the dance collaborations so far, and it’s seriously been a dream to step outside my own material and write & perform in the electronic dance space.

This new single is set to be followed up by your debut EP. When can we expect that? And do you have plans for a full album yet?

The second single, Showdown, was released October 30th and the public release of the EP is scheduled for the beginning of January. However, you can pre-order the EP now through Pledge Music, which means you will get the EP before anybody else! And there aren’t quite plans for a full album, but I’ll continue to release singles and hopefully some more dance collaborations.

Finally, will there be any touring to support the single or EP? Any dates you’re particularly looking forward to?

Though I do have performances scheduled in the Nashville area, and some in the Midwest for early 2016, I’m not scheduled for a tour. I very recently signed a publishing deal with Kompass/Kobalt, so my emphasis is really on writing for not only myself, but others as well. So I hope to play as much as I can when I’m not composing.

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