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Spotlight on States of Emotion

Spotlight on States of Emotion

Released from the restraints of an uncooperative record label, States of Emotion created their own label to help themselves and local artists get their music out there for the world to hear. Their album, titled Black & White to Gold, is an attention grabbing blast of anthemic, powerful choruses that will have you singing in the shower for months. Singer Olly shares with us a little about where the States of Emotion came from, and where they plan to go heading forward.

First off, how did your record launch gig go?

The gig was great fun thanks, I love The Underworld, it’s my favourite small venue both from a fan perspective and performer.

There are a lot of different tones across the record, at times seeming euphoric and others reflective. What do you feel the overall tone of the record is?

Thanks, I would say the overall tone is an eerily optimistic one, both lyrically and sonically it’s raw and dramatic but there’s a drive for “something good to come out of a bad situation” behind all of those lyrical/musical themes that gives the album a contrasting energy and feel throughout.

Is that variation a result of the frustrations you faced getting the record released?

Definitely, lyrically I would say States of Emotion is just a venting stream and an emotional outlet for me as a creative, deep, over analytical person….in other words I’m still an emo teenager at heart haha.

You’re not shy of being honest and biographical with your lyrics. Do you think the darker elements on this album were a much-needed vent, or are they as much a part of the band as the positive?

Yeah, like I say lyrically this is just an outlet that works for me and I wear my heart on sleeve so if I’m feeling positive whilst writing I’m not going to force a negative lyrical theme out and vice versa.

With your own label to distribute your music now, are you itching to get back into the recording studio in the near future?

I’m currently very active in expanding the label, particularly on a grass roots level with local music in Essex, working with bands, local radio stations, local studios etc and I do hope to write and record a new EP with States of Emotion soon. This is a labour of love on a shoe string budget, this isn’t my job, it’s just a passion pursuit so I have to work it all out as I go along around my day job (I run a car valeting business) so the ideas are there but the free time and budget doesn’t come at the click of a finger, so for now we’re taking things slow and steady.

But yes I love being in States of Emotion and writing songs, so it’s inevitable that you’ll be hearing some new stuff from us soon. Enjoy Black & White To Gold for now though you fuckers…that took 15 years and nearly cost me my sanity!

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