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Spotlight On Shannon Carey

Spotlight On Shannon Carey

With Shannon Carey, the phrase ‘music runs in the family’ feels like a bit of an understatement. Her brother is Sean Carey of Bon Iver and you can hear the family resemblance. Under the name Luray, Shannon has just released her album, The Wilder, and it’s a perfect piece of banjo infused, chamber folk, Americana goodness. Shannon took the time to chat to us about the inspiration behind the album, her rather endless list of musical influences and more!

Photo by: Shervin Lainez

So Shannon, tell us about your album, The Wilder…

Shannon: The songs were written within about 9 months starting in the spring of 2011, and we recorded them in January of 2012.  The whole album is about wakening the creative part of myself, and coming home to that even though nothing else felt very stable at the time. It’s kind of a typical first album in the way that for me, it’s about self-discovery and getting back in touch. My main hope in writing these songs is to invoke emotion, and to transport the listener to a introspective, melancholy space.

Describe your music in one sentence. 

Shannon: Melodic, banjo-centered and atmospheric… with folk, country and bluegrass influences.

Who are your musical influences? 

Shannon: Rufus Wainwright, Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, Wye Oak, Tallest Man on Earth, Pedro the Lion, my brother’s band S. Carey and Bon Iver, Hank Williams, Earl Scruggs, Megafaun.

What do you think is the best album ever written?

Shannon: One of my favorite albums start to finish is Blue by Joni Mitchell.

What’s been your best gig so far? 

Shannon: The Parlor Room in Northampton, Massachusetts.

If you could duet with anyone, who would it be? 

Shannon: Emmylou Harris.

What TV show would you like to hear your music featured on?

Shannon: Parenthood.

Where do you most want to perform but haven’t had the chance to yet?

Shannon: Austin City Limits in Texas.

What’s your fondest musical memory?

Shannon: Making the live music video of The Wilder with my band amongst fireflies and ‘magic hour’ light a few weeks ago.

What are you listening to right now?

Shannon: Right now I am listening to Field Report.

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