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Spotlight On SCIENTIST

Spotlight On SCIENTIST

Austin based pop-rockers SCIENTIST are getting ready to release their World EP: Mobile Lab Remix Edition on August 19th. Derived from their YouTube project, which encourages the covering and mixing of original songs, the EP is a fun selection of pop-rock-eletronic remixes that’ll have you dancing in no time. Band member Jesse emerged from the mobile lab to chat to us about The Experiment, the band’s love of Ariana Grande, and the hatch from Lost. Yes, you read correctly. We’re all Lost fans here. 
SCIENTISTCF: You’re inspired by the likes of Passion Pit and The Killers, why those particular bands?

They are geniuses in their own ways. One of our main goals is to write pop music that relates to people, but use innovative and new sounds. Passion Pit has mastered that art. The first time I heard ‘Little Secrets’ I was blown away. In tandem with that, we want our songs to translate to any instrument, and to do that, they have to be good songs on their own. The Killers, with their Springsteen influence sprinkled with 80s synths always tugs at our heartstrings.

CF: What did you grow up listening to? 

We both grew up listening to a wide range of music. Honestly, a big influence for us was the soundtrack to any given game on our Gameboy as a kid. Anyone can hum the Mario Bros. theme song at the drop of a hat. And not only that, but the sounds themselves are super cool. We wanted to translate the catchiness of video game music into our songs and literally use the same sounds at times. I have a habit of modding original Gameboys and using a program called LSDJ to create new sounds. We are nerds to the core.

CF: Why did you decide to encourage people to cover your songs?

It’s so cool to hear other folks’ take on songs, and we love to put our take on other folks’ songs. We spent such a long time working on our songs, we wanted to hear someone else’s take on them. So we started a feature called The Experiment online where we encourage people to cover and change up our songs in a video. Then in return, we find a song of theirs and do the same. It’s a blast. Sometimes it’s an established artist, sometimes it’s someone with a few short songs they recorded directly on YouTube. We LOVE our nerds. We wouldn’t exist without them. We wanted to give them every opportunity to use our site as a platform to showcase their talent as well.

CF: If you had to cover one song right now, what would it be?

That is quite the multifaceted question. Personally? Shania Twain. What song? Doesn’t matter. All of them. As a band? We’ve been obsessing over Ariana Grande lately. So we’d have to go with ‘Problem’ or ‘Popular ft. Mika’. Or one of our childhood favourites, like ‘Rainbow Connection’. Shoot. All of them. We want to cover all the songs.

CF: Describe your music in a few words.

Nerd pop. Everybody knows what being happy and joyful is like. We want people to feel that through our music. More than anything, we want to make the world a more fun and positive place. So we write pop music, wrapped in an electronic bow, that you can dance do. We dance to it every day.

CF: How was SCIENTIST formed?

We’ve been playing together in different musical ventures over the past 8 years. Over that time we constantly nerded out (pun intended) over the pop music we were loving at the time and dreamt about doing it ourselves. Finally we decided to stop talking about it and write some with our favourite pop qualities. Thus, the mobile lab was born.

CF: You’re obviously very active on social media, how important do you think that is for people involved in music in this day and age?

I think it’s beyond being an emphasis for artists. It’s where people live, including us before we were in bands. We get to connect with people from anywhere in a second from our pockets. Why would anyone not do that? There is nothing we’d rather do than talk directly to our nerds. We are constantly having conversations back and forth via social media.

CF: Where would you most like to perform?

Well, we tend to get obsessed with shows as a group on the road when we’re all out for so long. So based on that, I think where we would most like to perform right now is inside the hatch from Lost. Best story told in any medium ever. I understand that place isn’t real (IT’S REAL TO ME DANGIT), so I guess the next closest thing would be Hawaii, where they filmed Lost.

CF: Do you plan on releasing a full-length album any time soon?

We have so many songs we’re excited to share with the world, and we are working on the details for when and how to do that. For now, we are always trying out new songs at live shows. And not only that, but we’re switching instruments, throwing drums across stage, singing in the crowd, you never know. It’s total insanity out there. Come on out! It’ll make you smarter and better looking.

CF: What does the future hold for SCIENTIST?

Staying dangerous. Staying smart. Spreading the nerd love.

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