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Nineteen year-old singer-songwriter NOVA has just released her stunning new single More, a track she describes as “upbeat and fun”, albeit with “a very dark undertone”. ‘Nova’ is Latin for ‘new’, and also has connotations related to astronomy – two highly relevant definitions as this exciting young performer reaches far out to the future with her truly unique music. As someone still relatively new to the music industry it was interesting for Culturefly to speak to NOVA, as she explained her songwriting process before discussing the current music scene in Canada and plans for visiting Europe.

The new single, More, is a really exciting track, and decidedly hard to describe due to its fusion of styles. Would you be able to have a go for us?

More is a song with a lot of meaning behind it. It can be interpreted so many different ways depending on who’s listening to it. The same goes for the style. Many people may classify it as pop, some as alternative and some as electronic. When I write music I don’t just focus on one theme or style, I make it so it can be interpreted in whatever way the listener wants it to be.

What is the basis of your songwriting? Do you aim for any particular message in your lyrics or do the melodic and rhythmic elements come first?

Depending on who I’m working with or on my mood my songwriting technique varies. I usually write lyrics first then find the chords and the arrangement. However sometimes a producer might come to me with melodic and rhythmic elements for me to write to. It really depends.

Do you tend to write alone or have you collaborated with other people before?

As of now I’ve written alone. I’m a very open-minded person so I would love to collaborate with other songwriters in the near future! I think teamwork is key when making music.

We sadly don’t see too many huge acts come from Canada (Bieber aside), would you say your music is typical of current artists in your country?

Personally, I don’t think it matters where an artist comes from in order for them to succeed in their field. Where I live (Montreal) is predominantly run by French music so my style does derive from the norms.

Are there any new Canadian acts we should be listening to over in the UK?

Right now Alessia Cara is making waves on the music scene, she’s from Canada and she’s awesome!

You have dates booked in the US. Are there any plans to come and tour in Europe?

I would love to come and tour in Europe. I’ve been there once and fell in love with the countries I visited. A tour overseas will definitely be an option when the time comes.

When can we expect more music from NOVA?

Really soon, probably in the fall. I’m working on some really interesting songs right now that I can’t wait to share.

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