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Spotlight On Moya

Spotlight On Moya

moyaBournemouth born Moya is certainly one to watch out for. She’s soulful, stylish and talented, a killer combination. She’s performed amongst the likes of Rizzle Kicks and Newton Faulkner and has caught the attention of British magazines and popular international bloggers alike. When you listen to her music you can see why. If you haven’t heard of her just yet, chances are you soon will. I became acquainted with the lady who is well on her way to storming the musical world.

Q. You’ve been described as the ‘female Bruno Mars’ by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton – how do you feel about that?

Moya: Pretty honoured to say the least! I’ll never forget when i got the email to say that i’d been put up on his website, it was such a surreal moment, i may have cried a few tears of joy! You know people may see Perez Hilton as just ‘another american blogger’ but he can seriously help influence if a British artist makes it or breaks it in the US; so perhaps a trip across the pond is in order!

Q. What music would you say yours most resembles, if any?

Moya: I would say it’s a mixture between the old school Joss Stone stuff and Adele. The record has natural pop elements in it but it also has quite a soulful feel. The album is quite eclectic genre wise though, ‘Morning Rain’ has a spanish feel to it whilst ‘These Roads’ has more of a campfire/folk style to it. Something for everyone i’d say!

Q. What do you want people to feel when they listen to your songs?

Moya: Happy, sad, broken-hearted, loved up! I’m pretty sure this record will take you on an emotional roller-coaster! Overall though i want them to feel uplifted and thoroughly chilled out, just as i felt when finishing the record.

Q. Do you prefer to perform with a full band or acoustically?

Moya: Playing a full band show and an acoustic one create completely different feelings for me. I love the intimacy of an acoustic gig and the pressure of having to be seriously on top of your game as there’s no hiding a vocal under two instruments! Playing full band though is seriously fun, i love the energy that bounces between my band members and I; it also gives me a chance to dance around the stage with them on the upbeat songs! I grew up performing acoustically though so playing full band was a refreshing change for me.

Q. In August you played at Bournemouth Air Festival, what was it like performing in the company of artists such as Rizzle Kicks and Newton Faulker?

Moya: It was a daunting task to say the least and i was already a bit worried because not only was i opening the stage for them, i was also performing infront of my home crowd! I’m originally from Poole which is just down the road from Bournemouth, so the pressure was most definitely on! It was an incredible experience though and Newton Faulkner really is a lovely guy, he stood backstage and watched my whole performance! I kept looking back at him for a bit of his smiley support. What a little love! 

Q. You’ve also done a photo shoot for the ‘How To Wear’ section of More magazine, is fashion another passion of yours? How would you describe your personal style?

Moya: Fashion is another passion yes, not to the extent that i’m a slave to it or anything but i like to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not! My personal style is quite androgynous, i like to team girly fabrics like chiffon and silk with materials like leather and denim. I’v’e never really been a girly girl and heels are not my forte! but i still like to feel like a women so this was the best way to go with my styling!

Q. Where do you hope you’ll be musically in a years time?

Moya: Living on a tour bus and travelling the world! I think every artist wants longevity in terms of their career and that’s exactly what i want…for people to be singing my songs in the shower!

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