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Spotlight On The Intermission Project

Spotlight On The Intermission Project

We were recently introduced to a pretty awesome EP by a band called The Intermission Project. Titled Sorry, the EP is already one of our favourites of 2013 away from the mainstream charts. The band have been busy touring and have just returned from a road trip with the Youth Hostels Association, where they played a series of gigs at youth hostels in England and Wales. They’ve performed a number of packed-out London shows, as well as festival spots at The Great Escape, Green Man and Kendal Calling. We’re calling them our band to watch for the future and we caught up with band member Jim Rubaduka to talk about musical influences, gigs and their hostel visiting road trip. 


Describe your sound in one sentence.

Jim: I think it’s hard to describe our sound at all yet alone in a sentence as we’re still a really young band who are trying to craft a sound that fits us.

Who are your musical influences?

Jim: There are so many musical influences… I think one we can all agree on is Bob Dylan.

What do you think is the best album ever written?

Jim: The album we all seem to have unanimously enjoyed and appreciated is For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver.

What has been your best gig so far? 

Jim: Individually we all have our own moments but collectively I think Kendal Calling is a gig we won’t forget anytime soon.

If you could duet with anyone, who would it be? 

Jim: It would be a toss up between Paul Simon or Bruce Springsteen, although it would mean as much to see them owning the stage as it would to perform with them, either would be a dream.

What TV show would you like to hear your music featured on?

Jim: Greys Anatomy would be cool, I’m a big fan of the show and they always have great music.

Where do you most want to perform?

Jim: There’s a whole list of venues we’d love to play that we’ve written out. I think it’s safe to say we want to get out to America at some point as that’s where we have the most fans outside of the UK. We’re always getting emails telling us we need to go and visit so I guess it makes sense to go there.

What’s your fondest musical memory?

Jim: We have a lot of great memories and experiences as a band, but our recent road trip was probably the highlight for us collectively. The experience took us around the south of England in a small camper van playing at various youth hostels. It tested our patience with each other and we were half expecting a punch up (Charlie has quite a temper), so we’re glad that didn’t happen. It was great playing a show every day and getting to know one another even better.

What are you listening to right now?

Alex: Retrograde – James Blake

Charlie: Chocolate – 1975

Jim: Supersoaker – Kings Of Leon

Check out The Intermission Project on Soundcloud –

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