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Spotlight On Husky

Spotlight On Husky

huskyFor those who aren’t already familiar with them, Husky are a four-piece band from Melbourne, Australia. Combining their varied musical backgrounds and drawing on their shared loved for classic pop and rich harmonies, they are becoming increasingly popular, having supported Noah and the Whale and Kimbra, as well as touring the UK this past September. Frontman Husky Gawenda answered our questions about the band and their music.

Q. So you toured the UK in September, what was that experience like? Was it the first time you’ve visited the UK?

Husky: It was our second time in the UK, but we visited a few places we hadn’t been to on our last trip. Was great to see Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and we hopped over to Dublin for a show too.

Q. Was there one particular city that you enjoyed performing at the most?

Husky: I think London was a stand out show. A great audience and a really warm atmosphere. But all of the shows were really good.

Q. Do you find the audiences vary depending on the country? For example, do UK audiences respond differently to your music than Australian audiences?

Husky: Yeah I think there are subtle differences. But there are so many other variables as well. It’s a complex beast, the live show. It depends on the band’s mood, the audience’s mood, the venue, the phase of the moon perhaps. But if I had to generalise I would say UK audiences are quite similar to Australian audiences, perhaps a little more reserved, which suits us as some of our music can be on the quiet side, so it helps not to have to compete with loud drunk people who don’t seem to notice that there is a band playing and a room full of people trying to listen. But we have been lucky with mostly very kind audiences world wide.

Q. What do you feel you bring to the music industry that other current bands don’t?

Husky: Oh that’s probably for other people to decide. We bring our particular brand of music and story telling, just as every other band brings their particular thing. There is room for all of us I believe – the more the better.

Q. Is there an ideal songwriting atmosphere? How does writing inspiration find its way to you?

Husky: It comes randomly, I can’t predict it. The important thing is that I seize it whenever it turns up. In order to write I normally need to be alone. Inspiration comes late at night or early in the morning mostly, but again it can come any old time. For me, the beauty of it is in the mystery of it.

Q. You all bring something different to the table musically, can the same be said for your personalities? What’s the band dynamic like?

Husky: We’re all very different but we tend to get along really well. For guys who are cooped up in a van or hotel room together for 9 months of the year, we get along great. We each have our strengths and weaknesses and eccentricities. The recipe of personalities works and I think we’re very lucky it does. I can’t imagine how hard it would be if we were at each other’s throats all the time.

Q. What’s been your best performance to date?

Husky: It’s hard to pick one out of the 200 or so shows we have played together. Our first ever sold out show in our hometown, Melbourne, was a pretty special show. It’s the stuff you dream of growing up, going to see your favourite bands at the very same venue.

Q. Do you have a favourite song from ‘Forever So’?

Husky: I don’t have a favourite. My feelings about them change all the time. On different nights, I connect more with different songs as I’m sings them.

Q. When performing live, which of your songs gets the best reaction from the audience?

Husky: Again it varies. History’s Door is the most known song so often gets a good reaction. But different songs work in different scenarios. The Woods and Tidal Wave tend to be favourites as well.

Q. Finally, do you have plans to come back to the UK and do a bigger tour in the near future?

Husky: We’ll be in Australia for our summer, the UK winter, and then we’ll see. I hope so.

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