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Spotlight On Flagship

Spotlight On Flagship

Having been compared to Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and even “old school U2”, Flagship, a six-piece formed in Illinois and led by Drake Margolnick, are set to release their self-titled debut album this Autumn. Boasting an effects-heavy sound that doesn’t compromise in terms of personal connection, this band looks fit to grace festival stages and arenas in years to come. We spoke to bassist Chris Comfort about song writing, plans for the summer and the band’s future.
flagship-josh_goleman-1231-500CF: Which modern acts do you think share your sound?

I’m not quite sure. I really don’t compare myself and or the band to anyone. I think we just try to make music that is pleasing to us and hope that people will enjoy it as much as we do.

CF: Are there any artists that people have compared you to that have surprised you?

Typically we hear that we sound like U2, the National, or maybe some indie chill wave bands like Washed Out, but I’ve heard David Bowie, which I’ve only heard once, but either way, I don’t see a problem with that one.

CF: Your tracks feature very emotionally charged vocal performances, what inspires the lyrics behind them?

I can’t speak for the lyrics, as I am not a lyricist in the band, but just with any band or songwriter, I think lyrics that stem from a deep or emotional place in one’s self and or impacting life experiences usually inspire something that is emotionally charged and meaningful.

CF: Is song writing a collaborative effort then or more of a personal experience?

Song arrangements and writing parts is a pretty collaborative effort amongst everyone in the band. As far as song writing is concerned, Drake is the main guy for the task.

CF: Do you have any festivals or gigs lined up for over the summer? Any you’re particularly looking forward to?

We are taking a break right now alter a six week tour and a recent stint in England and France.  We are planning on doing a few west coast shows in August, but haven’t solidified all the dates yet.

CF: Where’s the best venue you’ve played so far?

The best venue is going to be different for everyone in the band. One of my favourite venues is The National in Richmond, VA. It’s a great sounding room, a great stage, and really great staff.

CF: What’s the plan for Flagship over the next year or so?

The next year or so involves writing more music and trying to stay on the road as much as we are able to.

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