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Having found critical acclaim with their debut LP in 2013, Edinburgh band Delta Mainline are now looking forwards as their second album begins to take shape. Blending electro beats with orchestral strings and a classic, fist-pumping indie rock chorus, new single Vultures promises a real evolution in the sound of this exciting Scottish outfit. We caught up with the band to discuss their influences, working with pros in the studio, and plans for the future.

Your debut album Oh! Enlightened came out in 2013, how has life treated Delta Mainline since then?

Life has been good, we were keen to move on from Oh! pretty much as soon as we completed it. The second album has been written and we have recently been locked up in our space arranging and playing around with different sounds getting the record ready for the recording studio.

The new single Vultures fuses anthemic indie rock with orchestral sounds and electronic influences. Is a varied textural style something the band has always aimed for or would you consider this a bit of a departure?

I think we’ve always aimed to have a wide, cinematic sound with lots of movement and depth but we are now able to do this more successfully because we’ve become better musicians and have a greater understanding of writing, producing and arranging. Vultures is a nice benchmark for us; it allowed us to work with really good string players. This is something we will explore further with the second record.

Whilst recording the track you worked with Geoff Pesche, who has produced for Aphex Twin and Blur. Did his varied experience prove crucial to realising that mix of genres?

Geoff was highly recommended to us by the guys in Soulsavers. George had a day at Abbey Road with him fine tuning the track. Geoff understands dynamics and was able to advise us on certain things especially as the track goes from mellow to rammed, it’s important to find the right balance for the sound and he can do that.

The debut album saw you compared to Arcade Fire and Echo and the Bunnymen. Do you think these are fair comparisons? And was this the intended outcome of your work?

We think that’s fairly lazy but it could be worse. Arcade Fire and the Bunnymen are great bands and we do have their records but we’ve always intended to be original as possible. We probably do explore similar themes in writing and some sounds lend themselves to that I suppose.

Are there any other artists you are influenced by that perhaps people wouldn’t expect?

Geoff Lynne, Danny Elfman, Air, Beach Boys, Iggy Pop, Dylan.

What are you guys listening to right now? Any bands you’ve met on the circuit worth checking out?

We haven’t toured for a while but you should check out The Jackals and Helicon, both great Scottish bands. We’ve been listening to Beach House, Phosphorescent, Bo Diddly and New Order recently.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Can we expect album #2 any time soon?

Hopefully we’ll start the new album this autumn. We plan to record it at Chambers studio in Edinburgh on a big old beautiful neve desk. The record should be ready for release next summer.

Find out more about Delta Mainline here

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