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Spotlight On Charlotte O’Connor

Spotlight On Charlotte O’Connor

CHARLOTTE O CONNORIn this day and age you’ll be lucky to find a talent as charming and natural as Charlotte O’Connor. One listen to her music and you feel the originality – the folky, soulful sound that is simply enchanting. At just 21, O’Connor is also a global ambassador for Quiksilver and is making a name for herself worldwide. So rest of the world, meet the Blackburn girl behind the beautiful voice.

Q. How would you describe your music in just a few words?

Charlotte: I’d say my music is always honest, and actually quite romantic!

Q. You’re only twenty-one and your music career is starting to take off. What has been the most exciting part so far?

Charlotte: As cheesy as it sounds…all of it is pretty exciting…there are highs and lows in it…but the highs always outweigh the lows everytime. The highs definitely include all the travelling I’ve done, (I’ve gigged in some amazing venues) and meeting amazing people who I’m lucky to have around me.

Q. Your songs are a pretty mixture of acoustic folk and soulful sounds, but what are your influences?

Charlotte: Alicia keys, talking heads, aretha franklin, james taylor, joni mitchell, Queen, leonard cohen, lauryn hill.

Q. When was your first taste of singing that you can remember?

Charlotte: My mum bought me a karaoke machine…and i would never get off it…. constantly singing “fallin” by alicia keys ..or “chain of fools” by aretha franklin …. I was obsessed with it.

Q. If you could duet with anyone or any band, who would it be?

Charlotte: Definitely Talking Heads or Alicia Keys!

Q. We all have that one song we’ll never tire of. What’s yours?

Charlotte: Joni Mitchell – “case of you” and at the moment I cant stop playing “Dream Machine” by Mark Farina ft Sean Heyes

Q. What do the next couple of months have in store?

Charlotte: Well, I’m off to the south of France in August to get my ep finished…and I’ve got some cool little festivals coming up, like Boardmasters, Glass Butter Beach etc 🙂

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